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Women's Boots

These boots will definitely walk circles around anybody. They are edgy, unique and comfy. If your style is Gothic, Steampunk or even high fashion, we have the boots that will suite your specific needs. Boots, for most ladies, are the number one reason many women look forward to the transition from summer to fall. There are so many different designs of shoes you will love, so sit back and check out our extensive range of women boots. 

Womens Black Spiked Platform Heel Less Wedge Boots Size 4 To 11
Womens Silver, Gold Rhinestone Spiked Platform Heel Less Wedge Size 4 To 11
Womens Black Spiked Platform Heel Less Wedge Boots Size 5 To 8.5
Womens Pink, Silver Rhinestone Spiked Platform Heel Less Wedge Size 4 To 9

Unique Women Boots - Calf, Ankle, Thigh-high and Winter Boots

Many women have a closet full of different kinds of shoes. Some you love while others you bought on the spur of the moment and will never really wear. Do not fret however; shoes are amazing extension of you. If you have the wrong pair of shoes, the whole look is affected. Boots give a woman confidence and make her feel beautiful. Ask any woman and she’ll tell you that the right pair of boots can make a bad day turn great. There are various boots every woman should own and can be found on RebelsMarket. 

Different Styles of Boots

Flat: They can be casual or dressy, they're typically more wearable than heeled boots, and they look great with just about anything. Maybe that's why flat boots have become such a popular choice for Fall and Winter.

Thigh high: In the fall or winter, thigh high boots that reach your knee or even thigh are great to keep your feet and legs warm as well as stylish. 

Calf high: They reach your calf and some wider styles which widen the size of your leg. These calf high boots are trendy women fashion and work well for women with slimmer calves. If you want to tuck in your pants, women leggings are the best option. 

Ankle: They are also common and perfect with leggings and skinny jeans. Ankle boots are a great go to shoe when you want the look of a boot without the added bulkiness of a tall boot. These boots have always been the most popular considering they look great with every body type and can be worn with pants, skirts, or dresses. However, these boots cut your leg off at the ankle, so for short thin girls, make sure to include a good size heel if you want one. When pairing your ankle boots with your skirts/dresses, careful to not shorten your legs. Make sure the boot fits closely at the ankle and your skirt/dress ends above the knee. 

Winter: They keep your feet warm and their casual nature allows us to show a different side to our personalities -- and there's a style to suit nearly everyone among these top picks in winter boots.

Boot Buying Guide

If you are about to buy that boot, make sure to look at the circumference and shaft of the boot. Circumference will tell you whether or not your calf will slide easily into a knee-high or thigh-high boot, while the shaft will tell you whether or not your boot will come to the point on your leg that is most flattering. Take the shape of the heel you want into account as well. Kitten heels work well for smaller feet, flat boots work best for longer legs. Select from stiletto, wedge or stacked heels are to be taken into account when buying these boots. So look through our extensive range of unique and rare women boots, only on RebelsMarket and get walking.