Knee-High Platform Boots

While various footwear trends come and go, knee-high platform boots keep gaining popularity and are here to stay. It is a no-brainer why they are so popular in the alternative scene. These classic men’s knee-high boots and leather platform boots certainly have a lot to offer. Apart from providing warmth during winter, platform knee boots are seriously chic for women and an outrageous type of men’s alternative boots. They are perfect for work, night outs, and casual looks, and all you need to know is how to style these bad boys.

This is a hot 90s trend we are nostalgic about and can’t get enough of, and platform shoes are a throwback accessory we are super excited to incorporate into our daily looks. Whether you have an eye for gothic women’s boots or punk-style boots for ladies, these shoes will find a way to take over the fashion scene. Looking into the most stylish alternative bands, fashion influencers, designers, and brands, it has become clear that platforms will steal the show years to come. 

At RebelsMarket, we have a collection of boots you can’t miss, from women’s chunky platform boots, and wedge knee-highs to hologram platform boots. We are super stoked to bring you trendy shoes that will be a great addition to your wardrobe. Whether your aesthetic skews minimalist, feminine, classic, or sporty, there is footwear that will work for your style. Browse through our collection today for a one-of-a-kind pair that will leave you looking like the in-thing. With platforms slowly taking over, it is natural for us to share some of our favorites as a go-to guide on getting the perfect fit for you.

Knee-high platform boots that are still in style in alternative fashion

You can never go wrong with knee-high shoes, especially when your goal is to look edgy and bold. RebelsMarket happens to have a vast collection of boots that is available at your reach, all you have to do is pick a suitable pair to add to your fashion staple. We are here to make your dreams come true!

If you are looking to add a military feel to your outfit, you can go for army boots that are worth the buy. With a rich history of military service, combats are known for their durability and comfort. Buy yourself a black knee-high pair and style it with your favorite rock pants and rock skull men’s t-shirt look. Don’t be afraid to look stylish in them. 

You can also find interesting details like strapped platforms, studded boots, and buckled designs in our collection. Each pair is unique on its own, suitable for different personalities and fashion needs. Purchase a pair of lace-up boots and have them styled with an alternative bodycon dress for a simple yet outgoing look.

Are you a fan of holograms? You can get a wide range of hologram shoes for you to choose from. Whether you are going for knee-high flat boots or platform heels, you can get yourself a classic pair from renowned brands like Demonia. The holographic footwear comes in different designs, from zipper knee-high gear to rivets boots. Whatever design you are going for, RebelsMarket is the online marketplace you can shop at.

How to style your knee-high platforms

There are a number of ways you can complement the shoes into your look. Here are some of the ways to rock a comfy pair of boots for a stylish look.

Shopping for the perfect knee-highs and pairing them with jeans is simple yet elegant. They are so versatile and can go well with any denim you lay your hands on. You can pair white faux leather platforms with skinny jeans finished off with a plain t-shirt and a winter women’s gothic coat.

If you want to try out a simple look for running errands or casual school wear, why not shop for a cheap flat pair and throw on a pair of punk rock graphic leggings and a classic hoodie combo for a laid-back vibe.

Men are not left out either. A good pair of knee-high platforms will give you a killer rock look. Why not go for Demonia leather buckled shoes and pair them with bondage pants and a gothic vest for men. Alternatively, if you are looking for footwear to achieve a chill look, you can shop for a flat pair that would be stylish besides distressed jeans and a button-down shirt look.

Where to find knee-high platform boots

RebelsMarket is an alternative online shop ready to cater to a wide range of customers and alternative fans. We offer a wide collection of shoes for men and women to indulge in, from lace-up to zippers. Explore our collections today and discover bold designs that will leave you turning heads on the streets.

We provide you with unique pieces from genuine leather, vegan, to PVC boots, giving you diversity and a fresh way to style your looks. Our variety of platforms come at affordable prices and are high-quality. 

Whether you are shopping for goth, punk, or Demonia footwear, consider making your purchase at RebelsMarket for exciting designs, prints, and cuts. Add a pair or two of unique pieces, and your alternative wardrobe will never be the same again!

No matter the sub-culture you identify with, RebelsMarket is home to class and alternative style. Browse through our knee-high platform collection today and get yourself an edgy pair of boots to complete an outrageous look. Enjoy 10% OFF when you shop with us today. We ship worldwide.


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