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Nightmare Before Christmas Bottle Necklace

Nightmare Before..

by Urania Art USD $ 62.00
Silver Tentacle Necklace

Silver Tentacle..

by Rock Love USD $ 99.00
****Free Shipping**** Mini Tattoo Machine Gun Pendant Black


by Steamretro, ... USD $ 40.00
Gothic Anatomical Heart Necklace

Gothic Anatomical..

by Rachels Grav... USD $ 24.59


by Hibernacula USD $ 88.00
Gothic Vampire Cross Necklace

Gothic Vampire Cross..

by Rachels Grav... USD $ 6.56
Anatomical Heart Necklace Cast In Nyc

Anatomical Heart..

by Dark Blue Nyc USD $ 38.00
Heart Key With Wings Necklace Antique Silver

Heart Key With Wings..

by Clockwork Alley USD $ 16.00
Steampunk Willow Leather Neck Corset Posture Collar

Steampunk Willow..

by Sky Pirate C... USD $ 50.00
Harry Potter Retro Golden Hogwarts Insignia Necklace

Harry Potter Retro..

by Air Tears Shop USD $ 3.99
Steampunk Elizabeth Leather Neck Corset Posture Collar

Steampunk Elizabeth..

by Sky Pirate C... USD $ 44.00
Alchemy Gothic Absinthe Green Fairy Skull Pendant

Alchemy Gothic..

by The Funeral ... USD $ 44.95
Siamese Twin Skeletons Cameo Necklace

Siamese Twin..

by Horribell USD $ 18.50
Handmade "Lips Sealed" Voodoo Doll Vintage Necklace

Handmade "Lips..

by The Collectors USD $ 14.99
Skully Charm Necklace

Skully Charm Necklace

by Rock Love USD $ 35.00
Blood Glass Vial, Angel Wing, Red Crystal Teardrop Bead

Blood Glass Vial,..

by Posh Impress... USD $ 16.85
Red Rose Choker Crystal Drop.

Red Rose Choker..

by S Morris Stu... USD $ 30.72
Wolf Howling Moon Bottle Necklace

Wolf Howling Moon..

by Urania Art USD $ 52.00
Black Widow Keyholder Necklace

Black Widow..

by Horribell USD $ 25.00
Steampunk Necklace Bottle

Steampunk Necklace..

by Lilithcreations USD $ 34.72
Gothic Victorian Black Velvet Red Rose Cameo Choker

Gothic Victorian..

by Ashes USD $ 12.00
Antique Zombie Head Cameo Necklace

Antique Zombie Head..

by Horribell USD $ 23.00
New Year "Owls Watch" Vintage Time Travelers Necklace

New Year "Owls..

by The Collectors USD $ 16.99
Lotus Flower Magic Lake Bottle Necklace

Lotus Flower Magic..

by Urania Art USD $ 46.00
Vintage Rose White Skull Necklace

Vintage Rose White..

by Bestshop USD $ 9.99
Black White Skeleton Lolita Cameo Necklace

Black White Skeleton..

by Horribell USD $ 23.00
Gothic Vampire Bat Necklace

Gothic Vampire Bat..

by Rachels Grav... USD $ 6.56
Steam Goth Necklace Skull Silver Tone

Steam Goth Necklace..

by Catherinette... USD $ 40.00
Cyberpunk Necklace Steampunk Jewelry Steamretro

Cyberpunk Necklace..

by Steamretro, ... USD $ 14.00
"Apocalypse" Spike Necklace Bird Skull

"Apocalypse" Spike..

by Horribell USD $ 38.00
The Swarm Steampunk Necklace Jewelry Steamretro

The Swarm Steampunk..

by Steamretro, ... USD $ 17.00
Steampunk Katherine Leather Neck Corset Posture Collar

Steampunk Katherine..

by Sky Pirate C... USD $ 44.00
Sapphire Blue Brass Knuckles Necklace

Sapphire Blue Brass..

by Horribell USD $ 25.00
Soot Sprites Bottle Necklace

Soot Sprites Bottle..

by Urania Art USD $ 38.00
Brass Knuckles Necklace Pink

Brass Knuckles..

by Horribell USD $ 25.00
Red Swarovski Crystal Blood Rose Choker Gothic Necklace

Red Swarovski..

by The Funeral ... USD $ 49.95
Raven Skull Pendant Carved In Nyc

Raven Skull Pendant..

by Dark Blue Nyc USD $ 28.00
Twilight New Moon, Crystals, Quarter Moon, Black Rope

Twilight New Moon,..

by Posh Impress... USD $ 18.00
Some Magic Star Less Night

Some Magic Star Less..

by Posh Impress... USD $ 12.50
The Emerald Odonata Steampunk Dragonfly Necklace

The Emerald Odonata..

by Steamretro, ... USD $ 18.00
Handmade Skeleton In Love Heart Vintage Rocker Necklace

Handmade Skeleton In..

by The Collectors USD $ 14.99
Gothic Victorian Black Velvet And Lace Red Cameo Choker

Gothic Victorian..

by Ashes USD $ 18.00
Ouija Necklace

Ouija Necklace

by Horribell USD $ 25.00
Victorian Black Big Eye Hollow Skull Necklace Lp120

Victorian Black Big..

by Air Tears Shop USD $ 1.99
Cameo Necklace 2 Fer Lolita & Groom

Cameo Necklace 2 Fer..

by Horribell USD $ 35.00
Gothic Steampunk Black Velvet Silver Key Choker Pendant

Gothic Steampunk..

by Ashes USD $ 7.50
Steamgoth Katherine N. 3 Leather Neck Corset Collar

Steamgoth Katherine..

by Sky Pirate C... USD $ 40.00
Lynsey Luu Gold Sugar Skull Necklace

Lynsey Luu Gold..

by Lynsey Luu USD $ 22.58
Large Bat Necklace

Large Bat Necklace

by Horribell USD $ 18.00
Retro Vintage Hollow Owl Crystal Necklace

Retro Vintage Hollow..

by Smart Boutique USD $ 5.99
Gothic Victorian Black Velvet Lace Satin Bow Choker

Gothic Victorian..

by Ashes USD $ 10.00
Blue Green Faux Druzy / Drusy Heart Necklace

Blue Green Faux..

by Clockwork Alley USD $ 19.00
Pink Rose Cameo Necklace

Pink Rose Cameo..

by Horribell USD $ 23.00
Steampunk Evelyn Leather Neck Corset Posture Collar

Steampunk Evelyn..

by Sky Pirate C... USD $ 40.00
Dandelion Necklace, Glass, Silver, Nature Jewelry

Dandelion Necklace,..

by Urania Art USD $ 36.00
Romantic Handmade Brass Butterfly Necklace

Romantic Handmade..

by Lilithcreations USD $ 23.61
Steampunk Medieval Sally Leather Neck Corset Collar

Steampunk Medieval..

by Sky Pirate C... USD $ 46.67
'Key To My Own Heart' Pendant Long Chain

'Key To My Own..

by Atomic Artif... USD $ 39.00


by S Morris Stu... USD $ 41.67
Anchor & Roses Tattoo Necklace

Anchor & Roses..

by Extreme Larg... USD $ 19.84
Punk Goth Spike Chain Choker Necklace Unisex

Punk Goth Spike..

by Kitty's Jewe... USD $ 12.00
Alchemy Gothic Chemical Wedding Angel Demon Pendant

Alchemy Gothic..

by The Funeral ... USD $ 44.95
Silver Black Bondage Boot, Antique Silver Chain, 3 D

Silver Black Bondage..

by Posh Impress... USD $ 18.00
Cool! Embossed Tattoo Lucky Swallow Design Necklace

Cool! Embossed..

by Crystalmotor... USD $ 12.59
Black Spider Pendant Necklace

Black Spider Pendant..

by Horribell USD $ 26.00
Necklace (Velvet) With Red Stone And Chain

Necklace (Velvet)..

by Poison Kiss USD $ 15.00
Retro Octopus Steampunk Necklace Steamretro

Retro Octopus..

by Steamretro, ... USD $ 24.00
Voodoo Doll Pendant Necklace

Voodoo Doll Pendant..

by Nothingbutam... USD $ 16.00
Steampunk Elizabeth N

Steampunk Elizabeth N

by Sky Pirate C... USD $ 43.42
Gothic Sanguine Vampire Ankh Tribal Pendant Necklace

Gothic Sanguine..

by The Funeral ... USD $ 11.95
Tym Boneless Skull Guitar Pick Necklace

Tym Boneless Skull..

by Tym USD $ 11.99
Vintage Rivet Rhinestone Choker Necklace

Vintage Rivet..

by Bestshop USD $ 8.99

Recent Necklaces Product Reviews

(347 Customer Reviews)

Nice & Heavy

Just receive this today, Very nice , the only thing that concerns me is the back of the heart. It is exposed & the silver will wear off or scratch off leaving it clear not red. Maybe enclose back would be an idea to prevent this from happening. Other than that it's nice!!

April 09, 2014


Just received the necklace in the mail. It's absolutely beautiful! Seller was amazing! I ordered the black then saw the blue so I emailed her asking if I could switch it; not only did she answer promptly but she was amazing and said no problem. I would definitely buy from this seller again!

April 04, 2014
United States
Skull lady, necklace,skulls_necklaces_2


Received my jewellery today from Poison Kiss. I was expecting smaller earrings, but was happily surprised when I saw how big they were. It will look great with the outfit I bought. The jewellery is well made and ornate, I like how it is unique, and not something one can find in any mainstream store. Love the cameo and necklace with the Skull Lady :) When I opened my package, the items were found placed in lovely, small red pouches. Very professional, and Im just over the moon with my purchases :) will definitely recommend!:)

March 27, 2014
Bergen, Hordaland, Norway


Its beautifully crafted though when I received it, it was slightly bent, and I was afraid of straightening it for fear of breaking it. I managed to carefully straighten it because the metal is so soft. I expected a more shiny necklace this one is quite dull in lustre, but all the same very beautiful. You might want to box this necklace for future purchases, the next customer might not be so lucky. All in all no complaints. Satisfied customer

March 17, 2014
Bergen, Hordaland, Norway


God this is so stunning considering getting another one. I wore it today, the seller left a nice note for me thanking me handwritten. It was very touching and genuinely sincere. What great service. It was nicely wrapped in delicate cotton. Im very happy with it.

March 17, 2014
Bergen, Hordaland, Norway


Received this with my earrings wore it today love it, got stopped on the street by a student from the local school who asked me where did I purchase them, so I recommended Rebels Market and Ashes.

March 17, 2014
Bergen, Hordaland, Norway

4 stars

The choker is a bit big for my small neck but I can alter it no big deal. I love it, I received all my jewellery from Ashes today, and im not disappointed it was exactly what I expected. Made my day!! Happy customer

March 17, 2014
Bergen, Hordaland, Norway
Gothic lolita black velvet lace red satin bow choker_necklaces_2

Very pleased

I'm very pleased with my order and it did arrive sooner than I expected ^^ I would recommend this store to my friends!

March 17, 2014


The quality of thes products far exceed my expectations. I expected great and got amazing. Look forward to adding to my wife's unique collection.

March 08, 2014
Chandler, Ok, United States

Love my purchase

This piece of jewelry was MORE THAN I expected. It was bigger than I thought it was, but that's not a bad thing. And the person who sent it to me wrote me a cute little note and added a little bonus. If ever I'm in the market for anything similar, I will definitely look here!

March 03, 2014
United States

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