Unique Watches

The watch is the perfect example of functional fashion. Not only do timepieces give a little extra oomph to any outfit, but also allow you to keep the time quickly at hand where your phone is not allowed.

When picking out the perfect unique watch, be mindful of the movement types. The movement is how the watch will function during daily use. It is easy to think that all watches are the same but that is not true.

For example, automatic and manual style watches have a mechanical function. They are made up of gears and springs and are typically the type of watch that you will see in the steampunk subculture. This particular style makes the perfect unique watches for men and women, no matter their style preference. If you’re into punk rock watches or you want to show off your dark side with a gothic watch, we’ve got those too.

The next style is a quartz movement watch. This style of watch relies on batteries for its power. Quartz is by far one of the most popular styles because of the affordable prices.

At RebelsMarket, we believe that buying cool watches should be an adventure into the wonderful world of jewelry and accessories. The beauty and classic nature of unique leather watches or a vintage pocket version has a particular way of elevating an everyday outfit into something extra special.

Do you have an event coming up that requires formal wear? Not a problem! Pocket chain watches make a bold statement of class without a whole lot of hassle.

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Cool Watches

With every outfit comes a little responsibility. While it may be tempting to grab your t-shirt and head out the door, accessorizing should not be ignored, especially when it is so easy.

An excellent way to add flair to your clothing is with a cool watch. You can get a timepiece with different details like skulls, spikes, colors, and sizes to match your personal style.

It is unfortunate that people are now ignoring one of the best accessories for their clothes for their cell phones. While yes, it is true that you have a clock with you everywhere you go, there is something to be said about wearing the time around your wrist. It is a great notion that with a flick of your wrist that you can give someone the time on a bustling street or kick back and let it do the talking for you.

With a nice, cool watch anyone can liven up their wardrobe for work, special events, or everyday occasions. For special events adding distinct pocket watches or chain watches to the breast pocket of a cool leather jacket gives you an air of mystery.

For a bit more of a wow factor, you can couple them with bracelets. With layering, you will give a little bit more bang to your appearance and will add some texture in an unassuming way.

There are many different styles of cool watches for men and women available on RebelsMarket. Whether you need it to be waterproof to withstand the elements or you just want a stylish but understated unisex timepiece we have you covered.