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Corsets & Bustier Tops

Looking for corset and bustier tops for sale? Well, we have a tonne! Bustier tops and corsets come in many colors and patterns, with layers of single or multiple fabric types from leather, pvc to steel bone. Bustier Tops usually feature two or more fabric types giving them more textured appearance. Black, red and white corsets normally look professional than the bright, glossy colors with busy patterns. Determine the occasion you want to wear your bustier top, and how you intend to wear it, and you shall be able to choose the best fitting one. Whether you are planning to attend a formal or casual evening event or prom, a corset or a bustier will make you feel confident because it will accentuate your best features. We have normal fitting and plus size crop and bustier tops for sale from respected brands and designers, just take a moment and browse through our enormous catalogue. Shop high quality corsets designed with elegant velvet, satin and lace materials.Whether you are looking to style in the bedroom, waist training or something for your prom; we have something in store for you.

White Faux Leather Halter Top Bustier/Corset Buckles

Corset & Bustier Tops : Under-burst, Steel boned,Leather and Lace Corsets.

Sexy Corsets are pieces worn to hold and give a desired shape to the torso for medical reasons, or to achieve an aesthetic appeal. Corsets are famous for creating an hourglass shape in a woman, and have been in fashion trends since the Victorian Era. With fashion demands changing over time, corsets have fulfilled a number of roles in the fashion industry. From being worn under garments, to being worn alone, corsets are admirable pieces that define a woman’s curves, and boosts confidence in one’s dressing. 

A bustier is a form fitting undergarment that is meant to push up the bust while shaping the waist gently, and was traditionally worn as lingerie. Bustiers are sometimes confused for corsets, though the underlying difference is that corsets are made of sturdier materials and several layers of fabrics.

Different types of corsets will give you different shapes. 

Overbust plus size corset: If you are looking into a corset that gives a bust lift, offers support and reduces the waistline, opt for the overbust corset. Underbust corsets should be deployed as fashionable over-garments or as supportive undergarments. The versatile nature of overburst corsets allows them to be worn on their own, for instance matching it with a professional skirt and jacket. It was often worn as bridal attire but has many other uses such as waist enhancement and back support. Generally women with ample bosom will find an overbust corset more comfortable than a bra as the corset supports breasts from the waist up therefore distributing the weight more evenly. It also removes the issue of bra straps cutting into your shoulders, overall making the overbust corset a fabulous shapewear foundation for curvy women.

Underbust corset: These do not alter the position of the breasts, but solely focuses on providing an hourglass shape. Underbusts offer no coverage of your breasts although they do offer the same function in terms of waist enhancement and back support as overbusts. However they are arguably more versatile, being great lingerie pieces worn with a bra or pasties, or even over outerwear. 

Waspie: This is a belt worn around the waist to make the wearer’s waist physically smaller, or to create the illusion of being smaller. Many waspies are created simply for fashion purposes and are commonly put to modern-day fashion use, over shirts and wiggle dresses. However some waspies can be purchased complete with steel boning and waist tape for waist training purposes.

Corsets can be worn as as outer garments, unlike their historical nature of being If a woman wants to fit into a tight and elegant evening dress, she may want to wear a corset underneath.worn as undergarments especially in Steampunk women fashion.

Styles for women bustiers and corset:

Lingerie Corset

Lingerie corsets may be much more revealing than ones designed to be worn under clothing. These are designed to be worn as lingerie often have details like lace, silk, or beads. The sweetheart neckline hints on the cleavage and forms the top of a heart, while the lace corset is dangerously sexy. 

Corset for Fashion

They are also worn as clothing, especially if the wearer is trying to create a slim and elegant silhouette. Corsets as clothing are worn quite a bit by those looking to achieve a Gothic look and Steampunk fantasy. There are a variety of different shirts that are either corsets or incorporate corset elements in them. A woman can achieve different looks with a corset top by choosing different fabrics and cuts.

Corset Dresses

 In addition to wearing corsets under sexy clothing, some dresses have a bodice that is designed like a corset. This can create a very elegant look. It can also help a woman get into the proper shape if the dress is particularly form-fitting.

Corset Suit

They can actually be worn under a suit. In this case, the corset can act as a method to shape the wearer’s body and appear more feminine. The wearer needs to make sure that the corset is not too apparent, as this could undermine the professional look she is trying to convey.

You can achieve a personalized style by using the customizable options such as adding adjustable shoulder straps and adjusting the length of your women bustier or corset. 

This unique and classic item is making a comeback in some circles because of the dramatic effect they can have on a woman’s body shape. There are different corset shapes available, but all are designed to create an hourglass shape. A woman should also consider what corset will best suit her body shape. Shop now.