Spiked Jackets

Spiked jackets are an edgy fashion clothing piece in the alternative world today. This intimidating-looking fashion statement is part of a fringe society that has never gone out of style. Now more than ever, we're seeing a resurgence of spiked jackets, with the motif mainly popping up in punk rock, heavy metal, and glam punk fashion.

Shop at RebelsMarket for all things trendy. We have a wide selection of affordable spiked jackets for men and women with cool designs that will suit your personality and rebellious style. Dare to be bold and edgy with our unique pieces that you can style with your preferred alternative fashion to make you stand out from the crowd. 

What is your desired color? What design print are you going for? Do you prefer long or short spikes? You will find various options of spiked pieces at RebelsMarket and be spoilt for choice on what to go for! Step out in style with a spiked jacket from our collection, whether you are attending a concert, rocking the jacket to an event, or chill-out with friends. Use the following tips to shop for spiked jackets and make your shopping experience better.

Factors to consider when shopping for a spiked jacket online

Spiked jacket options

Picking your style of jacket, depending on the rest of your wardrobe, is one thing you’ll need to take into consideration. Are you looking for a bomber style in your jacket? Bombers have become an incredibly popular trend in recent years, and the leather iteration is no exception. Spiked bomber jackets are great if you have a laid-back casual style and tend to wear jeans more often.

Biker jackets are also a great wardrobe staple, especially if you tend to lean towards biker fashion. A black spiked leather jacket paired with a graphic tee, ripped jeans, and finished off with a stylish pair of combat boots can give you an edgy biker vibe. You can also add a little shearling to the mix if you’re feeling the aviator vibes.

Punk spiked jackets are also trendy pieces you can choose from. They are also classics, like the leather jacket. Punk spiked leather jackets are the epitome of punk fashion for men and women, edged with studs and spikes, especially around the back of the shoulders. They can be personalized with vintage patches and pins and worn with almost anything, from dresses to skirts and leather leggings.

Are you a rock and heavy metal fashion enthusiast? We have spiked jackets to suit your style. You have a variety to go for, from jackets with long spikes to short spikes with studs. You can also go for a spiked leather vest with studs and pair it with leather buckled pants for the ultimate heavy metal look.

Quality of the spiked jacket to go for

You’d be surprised at how often some people will compromise on the leather’s quality just to achieve ‘the desired look.’ The determining factor of whether or not a spiked jacket will last in your wardrobe is the quality of the materials used to make it. 

Depending on your style, you’ll want something that’s versatile so that an understated leather will go a long way. You also want leather that will wear well with time. Go for something that’s not too supple and one that’s not too stiff to move around comfortably. 

Use the few pointers to guide you to your desired spiked jacket. Find the perfect piece for your personality, from regular to plus size, and rock it on any occasion. Stand out and be unique with our trendy pieces that scream bold and edgy, whether your style is punk rock, vintage, urban, or heavy metal. Shop today and enjoy 10% Off your first purchase! 


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