Heavy Metal & Rock Clothing

Thinking about Heavy Metal fashion? Get that leather jacket look, camouflage pants, skinny jeans,gauntlets, spikes bands and shit like that right here. If you dig dope bands like Akercocke, The Vision Bleak, Queens of the Stone Age and Lacrimosa, well RebelsMarket is here for you. We give you access to juicy heavy metal clothing, jewerly and accessories from black leather, studs, spikes, bullet belts, and tight denim. We scavenge awesome brands and products from all corners of the world from California all the way to South Africa and bring them to you. From metal fashion accessories to metal clothing for men, we have it all.


Wicked Heavy Metal Fashion for Him & Her

"Heavy metal, or not metal at all." That is the mantra of metal fans – called metalheads – the world over. What is heavy metal? It is fast guitars, massive sound, pounding, machine-gun drums and themes of chaos, revelry, and power. Metal fashion has several subgenres, each identifiable by different music styles and elements from Glam Metal to Hair Metal, Nu Metal, and Black metal is dark and satanic. While power metal features soaring clean vocals and upbeat, positive lyrics. Metal shows are a unique experience. Fans don't stand or sit politely and clap – they jump up and down, rush toward the stage and slam into each other in the mosh pit. Metal is all about controlled aggression – the music is powerful and energetic, and the crowd responds to that.

Although the mosh pit looks violent, fans are careful to watch out for others and pick up anyone who gets hurt. It is one of the most enduring subcultures, with millions of fans worldwide and new bands forming every day. The fans are some of the most dedicated in the world, many traveling across the globe to see their favorite bands play. Heavy metal fashion is about more than just the music; it's a movement, an identity, and a religion. The fashion is nothing short of that. Dress as you feel and let everyone know your unique alternative style. Rock on!