Steampunk Goggles

Think of steampunk goggles as the necktie of the steampunk world. Goggles have always been a part of  steampunk culture. Just as a cowboy hat makes you a cowboy, a police uniform makes you a policeman, goggles act as imagery to steampunk as a whole. Steampunk goggles have been used for several reasons; as fashion accessories, costumes or in factories or industrial streets for eye protection. For the most part most of our steampunk goggles are handmade; its definately hard to find them off on a regular shop or hardware store, this means they can be pretty pricey; If you cannot afford a pari; you might want to look at several online tutorials on how to make steampunk goggles. Have fun shopping at our handpicked steampunk online stores.


How to Wear Steampunk Goggles

On The Head.

This is one of the most common ways to wear your goggles. It depicts coolness and a chilled out look, not very creative but goggles look pretty good on people’s heads. This also makes it easy to put them back on when you need to protect your eyes or simply show them off to intrigue.

Over your eyes.

Obviously this is what goggles are meant for, to be worn over the eyes. Arguably, one of the most boring ways to wear your goggles. Mostly worn for protection of the eyes, hence actually being useful and not just a fashion accessory. This lucks creativity, originality and excitement. I would suggest you get more creative with your Steampunk goggles especially if you are at a social setting not requiring protecting your eyes. Steampunk goggles are too flashy to be dull.

3.On Your Hat.

Goggles over your hat may sound a tad tacky and somehow a little silly, but you will realize you can kill two birds with one stone by actually pulling this look off! Honestly, this look is much better than the two have mentioned above. Goggles over the hat show creativity and adventure it inspires awe. Its steampunk, creativity and new ideas are welcome let no one limit you on how you are to wear your goggles. Steampunk is much about individuality as billboards is much about extreme office politics. Break some fashion rules while at it, furthermore, steampunk fans are not fond of rules anyway.

4.Around Your Neck.

As I pointed out at the start of this article, goggles are like a necktie of the steampunk world. Why not wear them around your neck? It’s quite a casual way to wear them. Some people would say, it helps in achieving a deliberately accidental casual look. Wearing your goggles around your neck says that you are in the middle of using them, plus its an easy way to access them when you need to put them back on.

5.On Your Pet.

Why not make your pet wear the goggles for you, and have a good laugh at its expense? Pets look cute in most accessories anyway take a break from the usual accessories and experiment with a shiny pair of steampunk goggles. Steampunk goggles have been used before on horses during horse racing and military dogs. Steampunk goggles is much about attitude, there is no set rules so go ahead and get creative with it.