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Picking The Right Corset For Your Body Type

Picking The Right Corset For Your Body Type

A simple internet search will return a lot of information about corsets; but what about the varying types of corsets? There are so many different corset options, with more are coming as time progresses, and they all have different purposes. A girl is bound to get confused in all of it, but that isn't needed.

Finding beautiful corsets is pretty easy in today's world; but choosing which fit, fabric, and color can all be difficult. On top of that if you're wearing your corset in place of a regular, everyday top you have to make sure everything is matching so you look put together.

All of this can normally lead to anyone willing to try a corset feeling confused, dazed, and less than enthusiastic, but that doesn't have to be. If you educate yourself on the varying corset styles, fabrics, lengths, and types, you will be totally capable of rocking a corset whenever your little heart desires.

Find the perfect corset with these simple tips.


Why Do Girls Wear Corsets?

Why would you wear a corset, though? Are there any benefits? They just seem to get the rep that they're immeasurably uncomfortable, so you may be wondering why exactly women wear them. Corsets can still be comfortable; you just have to find the right style for you.

Contrary to popular belief, corsets really aren't bad for your health as long as they aren't worn 24/7, and aren't laced as tightly as they once were. They also won't ruin your organs or your spine, and can even be used to help people with spinal issues.

They also look really pretty and manage to look sexy and classy at the same time. For some people, that is a hard art to master. If you're thinking of wearing a corset you shouldn't let other people's opinions or false facts, impact your decision.

Corsets are a sexy fashion choice. Learn how to find the perfect corset for you!


How To Choose Comfortable Corsets

The first thing to finding out your needed corset style is figuring out how comfortable you desire to be for your outing. Yes, we always want to be comfortable, but women know all too well comfort is not always the option when it comes to feeling fly.

If you plan on moving around a lot, you should opt for a corset with light to no boning or even a corset styled shirt. Corsets in this style will allow extra movement and extra comfort while sitting, eating, or dancing. If you have to do anything other than standing these corsets are definitely going to be more comfortable, but they will lack the boned look held by traditional styles. If you are going somewhere like a concert it will be easier to wear a corset that has heavier boning because you probably won't be moving too much once you get to your seat. Always make sure it isn't difficult to breathe in your corset no matter where you go, because if it is you hold the chance of fainting.

Find your corset style. Tip - Layer a corset over your shirt.

After you figure out exactly how much movement is required by your night, you might want to look at your body and see exactly what effect the corset will have. If you have a perfect hourglass figure or a more square torso that isn't too curvy, you will probably be extremely comfortable in a traditional fully boned, full-length corset. If you have a more boxy shape, you will more likely than not be extremely happy with the waist a corset grants you as the wearer. 

Find the perfect corset for your style.

Orchard Corset

But some women, myself included, find themselves with the uncomfortable reality of having large hips and a small waist. While this is the shape most people are coveting when they decide to wear a corset, some corsets manage to cut into the hip bone due to being too long. This can also be a problem if you are someone with a shorter torso, and a great option to solve this too tight on the hip scenario is cropped corsets. Anything cropped is going to leave your hips with the ability to move freely, and won't hold the chance of digging into them.

Find the perfect corset with these tips.

Curves to Kill...

In the same boat but on the other side per say are the women who have big busts. A huge turn off for some women is the fact that their breasts are simply too big to fit into a corset, and so they can't wear corsets. The issue with having a big bust is that when you have a small waist, it can be extremely difficult to find a corset that will fit both, and if your corset is too small on your breast, you run the chance of overflow. Overflow is never a good thing, and can even lead to exposure of a nipple.

A great way to avoid this problem altogether is by trying an underbust corset. The underbust corset will still give you support, but if you're worried about not having all the support you would normally try wearing a bralette underneath your corset. The bralette will help offer extra shaping and support, but won't be as padded as a normal bra and doesn't have unnecessary underwire. This is the perfect option for any woman with a larger bust.

How to pick the right corset for you.


Whether you need an underbust or regular Victorian style corset, you can always find a corset to fit your shape. No matter what shape, size, or style you like there is sure to be some corset out there for you, you just have to look. From waist cincher to full blown Burlesque corsets, all are beautiful and can all be worn by any woman. You just have to go with what's comfortable and what you think looks best. So go out and rock your corset.

Do you love corsets? Share your tips for finding the perfect style in the comments below!

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