Keeping Your Geek Fashion Subtle

Keeping Your Geek Fashion Subtle

Geek subculture (and I'm using this as a very broad term) is probably one of the most enjoyable subcultures, born from both rebellion against the norm, and from a simple love for science fiction, fantasy - and all things generally nerdy.  

Being a self-confessed geek gives us the opportunity to be slightly obsessive about the things we love, and wear our fandom with pride! I love the fact that it's totally acceptable to go see a Marvel film or play Dungeons and Dragons on a regular basis as an adult, and this speaks volumes about how inclusive and non-judgemental the geek subculture truly is. 

But despite this, sometimes you may want to show your love for these things in your professional adult life, without being over-the-top. Unfortunately, the world of adulting simply has not caught up with the way that society is changing, and strict dress codes in the workplace still seek to suck the individuality from us. It seems we geeks have to be smart about the way we wear our nerdy fashion, or else we risk looking 'childish' and losing our status of a professional adult. 


The Pros Of Rocking Geek Fashion

There are some great things that come from being a geek: we always have something that makes us smile, we never get bored, it's easy to buy us gifts, and we always having some sort of conversation starter. But one of the best things about being a geek is the fashion, and our fashion is multipurpose.

Geek fashion serves more than just self-expression, like the bat symbol in the night sky it's a silent calling to other geeks of our niche. It's a way to make us smile, but also those who are in our fandom. You can also look really cute and slowly kill the age old stereotype that geeks aren't fashionable or cute, because sorry but that just isn't true. Us geeky kids can manage to be super cute while still geeky, don't judge a book by it's cover.

Subtle Geek Chic: Darth Vader Inspired Outfit with Leather Jacket

Source: The Lady Nerd


The (Unfortunate) Cons of Letting Your Nerdy Side Shine

Geek fashion isn't all rainbows and unicorn clothing, even if that is what you wear on your favorite t-shirt. Sometimes we can't go all out in our favorite geek-wear because we're out to dinner, at work, or on a first date who we don't want to scare off by going into the theory that Elsa from Frozen is Tarzan's sister. Our love may be strong but unfortunately, geeky items and SciFi clothing can be judged as 'unprofessional' (ugn, I know - right?), so what are we geeks to do?

If you're in struggling for ideas on how to tone your geek fashion down, here's a list of subtle geek items you can rock pretty much whenever, and not feel like you're completely selling yourself out. 

Tank Tops for The Casual Nerd

Subtle Geek Fashion: Batman Logo Tank Top

Source: The Stylish Geek

Whatever gender you identify with, printed tank tops are a great option for staying subtle with your geek-inspired fashion, since they can be worn as a base layer, covered up with whatever workplace attire you might want to go with. Tank tops have the possibility of being dressed up or down, and can be a great option for a casual date or to throw a blazer over top of for brunch. Nobody needs to know that you're rocking a bat logo or a tardis-blue Dr. Who tank top beneath your shirt and jacket, right?


Secretly Geeky Shoes & Underwear

Subtle Geek Fashion: DIY Pokemon Sneakers

Source: SpriteStitch

This one is really for those who like wearing men's underwear, but boxers can be a great option to be super subtle with your geek love. Don't feel left out if you're a girl though, because men's underwear makes a great option for sleeping. They're loose and comfortable, plus you get the chance to act like one of those cute underwear models who wear men's underwear to bed, and that's never a bad thing. 

When it comes to shoes, you can be just as creative - even venturing into the world of DIY geek sneakers if you have a flair for art and design!

I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks that slipping on a cool pair of kicks is the best thing in the world, so it's pretty great that geeky shoes come in both sneaker and high heal options. In today's culture, it's expected to have a cool pair of shoes, but they also manage to be subtle because they aren't front and center. On top of that you get to brag about having made your cool ass shoes yourself, and become the DIY geek King/Queen.


Geek Chic Dresses

Subtle Geek Fashion: BB8 inspired dress

Source: Her Universe

Geeky dresses are so much fun because you get a lot of option. You can have your favorite character printed onto the dress, you can have your dress inspired by them, or you can have an entire scene screen printed onto it. The options are pretty much endless, plus you look really cute but still subtle while showing your love for your favorite thing. This option is a win all-round for everyone, and the possibilities are too vast to list.

I will give a shout out to the dress above though, because it's a perfect example of how SciFi and 'geek chic' fashion can be boiled down to simple elements that carry the real essence of the nerdy culture it belongs to. This nerdy number is inspired by Star Wars' BB8, unveiled last year as part of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens fashion collection collaboration between Her Universe and Hot Topic. Totally awesome!


Nerd-Inspired Jewelry

Boromir with the one ring: nerdy jewelry

If you want to be really subtle, just toss on some geeky jewelry. This is a really versatile option that's great for everyday use, because you can go big or small. 

You can have a simple charm bracelet dedicated to your favorite movie, or a necklace inspired by your favorite video game, or just some small studs with your favorite super hero's logo. Jewelry can be a definite nod to your nerdy side and is a great way to be kind of covert in your geek chic fashion. After all, will anyone really know that your stunning, sparkly necklace is really the Evenstar, or that the stylish pin you're wearing is the Starfleet Command Division Badge? 

If you get a little creative, there are a ton of ways you can incorporate elements of your fandom into your everyday wardrobe. It's important to express your personality via your style, even while you're at work - so don't be afraid to let your nerdy side shine!


Is there some way you incorporate your geeky side into your wardrobe? Tell us below.


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