Not Your Cookie - Badass Fashion Inspired By The Girl Scouts

Not Your Cookie - Badass Fashion Inspired By The Girl Scouts

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Of course there is much to be said about a good box of Mint Thins, but there is more to the Girl Scouts than their delicious noms.  Courage, confidence, and character are just a few of their founding ideals, and we think that these are traits that any kickass woman should live by- but that uniform though! Don’t think twee- think military meets preppy punk, and utilitarian meets chic. We are all about girl power, and any organization that helps breed the next generation of strong women is one worth giving a nod too. Doubt you’ll still be able to get into that old Brownies uniform, but luckily it is easy to create a badass scout inspired outfit with a few choice accessories!

Camo Cookie

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Camouflage is symbolic of the military, so it automatically adds that tough exterior to your outfit. A leather skirt is feminine in look, and but edgy in texture, so having it as a foundation is a good starting point. An oversized camouflage jacket also gives the outfit a slightly masculine feel, so if you want to be really sweet wear a chiffon button down or blouse. Camouflage leggings or traditional fatigues are also a good look, and you can pair them with ultra sexy pumps- black is always safe, but red adds an unexpected pop of color.

Badass Brownie

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Khakis are a staple in every scout’s closet, and this paired with other shades of brown can create modern monotone look.  Steampunk fashion is heavily inspired by the industrial revolution and Victorian romance, so you will see a lot of military inspired silhouettes from the era. We can easily throw a khaki trench over a brown leather corset with brass hardware, and complete the look with brown Steampunk inspired skirt in the same material. Let’s not forget about style options with dresses. Corset dresses in particular are very versatile- a floral vintage pattern is more formal, while a solid nude satin is more sexy. A pleated brown corset dress along with a punk leather jacket is the uniform of the badass Brownie all grown up.

Super Scout

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Being the top scout is no easy feat, so wHeading 3hen you want to dress the part there are three signature elements your outfit must represent- the beret, the patches, and the knee socks. Now we are not talking about the traditional white button down, skirt, and white socks with Mary Jane’s- but there are pieces that can be elevated to make a more punk scout look.  Decorative tights and knee-stockings are also an alternative to your typical thigh-highs. A red pleated skirt with fishnets and punk boots still pay homage to the scout’s while remaining true to your own style. You can also ditch the traditional vest and try a denim one instead, where you can proudly display your new Jack Skellington patch. A girl scout’s badges are supposed to represent her unique experiences, so your favorite Steampunk broach or pin adds an element of uniqueness. For your headwear, a vintage beret or a studded knit hat will have you covered.  

Were you ever in Scouts? What do you think about adding their style to your wardrobe? Leave your feedback in the comments below!

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