The Best Fashion Week Street Style Worldwide

The Best Fashion Week Street Style Worldwide

The world of fashion is constantly evolving, and fashion week is the perfect time to check out the latest trends. From Paris to Milan, we've rounded up the best street style from fashion week around the world. From cutting-edge couture to modern streetwear, this is the ultimate guide to fashionable looks. So, get ready to take notes and up your style game!

If you keep up with fashion, you're probably familiar with Fashion Weeks that happen all over the world in the Fall (to show the Spring collection for that year), and in late Winter (to show the next Fall season's looks). Each year, thousands of the "it" people in the fashion industry and celebrities flock around the cities to attend up to several shows each day. And, of course, if Anna Wintour comes to your show, you know you're high on fashion's priority list. 

Not to mention, the thousands of hands helping out behind each and every show to make it all happen- the designer's team, volunteers, and interns. While everyone is there to see the newest designer collections to be revealed, one of the best parts of Fashion Week is actually to look on the street and see what everyone attending the shows is wearing. 

This year, we saw an awesome variety of streetwear style from models, fashion gurus, bloggers, musicians, and more. From bohemian styles to a punk rock edge, each person's look was different from the next. And obviously, we're all for self-representation and being unique. Let's break the best styles from the streets of Fashion Week down by city.


New York


Ah, New York, NY: the city so nice they named it twice. This year, Fashion Week in NY was hotter than swimming in a pool of lava. I can attest to that because I was volunteering there, in all black everything nonetheless. Considering the humidity and near 100-degree temperature, I give huge props to anyone that went to a show in anything more extravagant than workout shorts and a tank top


New York Fashion Week - Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad rocking space buns.
Harpers Bazaar


You might be a little familiar with style icon Chiara Ferragni- she was born in Italy and runs the immensely popular fashion blog, The Blonde Salad. She's a designer, model, has written her own book, and she's not even 30 yet. Seen out for Fashion Week, Chiara wore a mini black leather skirt paired with a ruffled denim blouse. A long sleeve denim blouse, might I add (bless her). She kept her hairstyle fun and youthful with two top knot buns (or space buns as everyone's been calling them), and rocked a mauve lipstick to keep everyone's hopes up for fall weather.


New York Fashion Week - Graphic Tees are a Must Have for Streetstyle
Harpers Bazaar


If a graphic tee is ever involved, it's guaranteed to catch my eye. This Metallica shirt is given a cool feminine flair by layering a metallic silver long sleeve turtleneck underneath. Accessories at this year's Fashion Weeks were either pretty minimal or full blown- nothing much in between. Here, a pair of silver statement earrings does all the talking.


New York Fashion Week Street Style - Feathers and Texture
Harpers Bazaar


Sometimes you just need one thing from your outfit to stand out, so a hundred feathers on your shirt will do the trick. In all seriousness, I love the texture that the feathers bring to the table and the ombre green to blue effect trickling down the shirt. Paired with cropped denim jeans and a metallic gold ankle boot? Yessss, girl.


New York Fashion Week Street Style - Wide Belts to Accent Your Waist
Harpers Bazaar


Chic and simple, this look caught my eye with the seamless combination of brown and black. Plus, the detail on this dress on the bottom is amazing (I mean, what is that even made out of? Any guesses?). To keep the look more constructed and slightly futuristic, a leather cutout vest was put over the dress, with a matching wide belt to accentuate the waist. The coordinating tan and dark brown colors in the clutch completely tied this outfit together, and simple bracelets, and rings added just a bit more to the look. 




Everyone's style from Paris made me want to go there even more. I've never seen a cooler mix of grunge and girly all in one place until coming upon these pictures online (because unfortunately I'm not invited to Paris Fashion Week...yet). Take a look from some of my favorite outfits that I stumbled upon.


A modern twist on 90s grunge was a huge street style favorite at Paris Fashion Week


Graphic tees are my favorite, clearly. This look reminded me of the 90's grunge era and I just hope she was wearing combat boots to match. You can easily recreate this outfit by pairing any kind of patterned tights with an oversized, long t-shirt. Also- is that teddy bear a phone case, a clutch, or is she just carrying around a teddy bear? Either way, I want that too.


Paris Fashion Week Street Style - Embroidery and Crochet add texture to your style.


I'll take one of these dresses in black and white while we're at it, thanks. Giovanna Battaglia is the ultimate cool girl in this embroidered layer over a casual blue and white striped shirtdress. But she's an insanely awesome fashion editor, so can we really be surprised?



Modernize a classic denim jacket for Paris Fashion Week Street Style


Again, the subtle details give me life with all of these outfits. Normally, this look would be pretty average until you look at the black fringe on the shoulders of this denim jacket that's also been decked out with markers. If you look closely, there are a ton of designs drawn on all over this jacket, which give a great artistic flair to the overall style. Sasha Pivovarova lets these cool details shine by wearing a plain black top, black jeans, and a small leather tote bag.


Pleated Skirts were a popular street style at Paris Fashion Week


I do and don't want to know how long it took to make each fold on this skirt. Again, these construction details are allowed to pop because the other components of her outfit- oversized sunglasses and a solid orange shirt- are simple. Susie Lau certainly knows the game of styling, so it's not shocking how hugely successful her fashion blog, Style Bubble, has become.




Oh, Milan, the city of fashion and... pasta? If there's anything better than the architecture and good food here, it's the fashion game that everyone brings when Milan's Fashion Week rolls around. A lot of the outfits I loved had a lot of neutral colors (surprise, surprise) with a bit of edge to keep things interesting. Take a look at a few of my favorites below. 


Street style at Milan Fashion Week showcased neutral color outfits.


Wearing all black is something we've seen time and time again, but it's a classic look because it just works every time. I loved this slit skirt and crop top with an oversized, black leather moto jacket. It plays with feminine flair and that rock n' roll vibe to be cool, yet effortless. And come on, I'm a sucker for combat boots.


Go with an all white outfit like the street fashionistas at Milan Fashion Week


Makeup on point, outfit on point. I loved how the ruffle drapes below Fatema Al-Awadhi's shoulders, and the lace detailing on the sleeves is so elegant and pretty. The orange clutch adds just the right amount of color- I could see this outfit working for the summer and fall!


Street Style Milan Fashion Week - Esther Quek rocking a full outfit of stripes.


I don't know if I'd be able to pull off this outfit, but Esther Quek sure can. The vertical stripes are super flattering on the body, and the horizontal stripes across the waist add just enough contrast to break up the outfit. The jewelry is a big factor of this outfit- from the stacked rings to the fringe earrings and everything in between. Top it off with that edgy hairstyle, and Esther has nailed the androgynous look of our dreams.


Milan Fashion Week Street Style - Boho Maxi Dresses and retro flair layers.


Some days, you want to be in a punk rock band, and other days you want to dance in a field of flowers. For Carlotta Oddi, it was one of those "field of flowers" days. My favorite part of the outfit was her layered necklaces. The geometric shapes and fun colors of her jewelry combined with the free- flowing fabric of her maxi dress makes this the ultimate Coachella outfit for next year.




Last but certainly not least... London Fashion Week! The Brits never really disappoint, so I wasn't surprised by the amount of awesome embellishment and creativity seen on the streets outside of the shows this year. Take a peek below!


Street Style at London Fashion Week - Embrace Embellished Outfits!


If I tried to wear this outfit, I would look like I got dressed in the dark. In a cave. In space. But somehow, here it looks amazing. The sneakers and blush pink socks add a cute, athletic touch... and probably kept this outfit comfortable all day! I love how the color of the glasses plays off of the patterned dress, and the shiny finish of the trench coat adds more texture and dimension.


Street Style at London Fashion Week - Grab Patterns in Bold Colors


I'm going to take a wild guess and say this jacket isn't within my price range, but I'll still look at it from afar. Embellished and embroidered jackets are huge for this season, so I was happy to see a ton of them going through these photos. This one, however, was too cool not to include. All you need with this camo coat is a t-shirt and jeans (like she does), and your entire outfit is put together!


London Fashion Week Street Style featuring eye catching Metallics.


Yes, yes, yes. Although this whole outfit consists of just silver, black, and white, it's one of the most interesting I've come across. Since the colors all coordinate, it's easier to mix several different patterns without looking too overdone. The sparkly silver trench and star booties made me fall in love with this outfit completely!


What were your favorite looks from Fashion Week this year? Do you like designer runway fashion, or prefer to see what people on the street are wearing? Let us know in the comments below!


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