Waterproof Hair, Nail, And Makeup Ideas For April Showers

Waterproof Hair, Nail, And Makeup Ideas For April Showers

April showers bring May flowers, but they can also bring soggy hair, smudged makeup, and chipped nail polish. Don't let the rain ruin your look! In this article, we'll provide you with waterproof hair, nail, and makeup ideas for April showers. Keep reading to learn about the best beauty tips for rainy days.

Waterproof hair, nail, and makeup ideas for April showers!

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Summertime isn’t the only season that calls for waterproof hair, makeup, and nails. April showers can also pose a slight challenge with your look as well! But no matter your style, whether you’re a total boho beauty who prefers a fresh-looking face or a goth girl who wants her pastel hair intact at all time, it’s all good. As long as you’re conscious of your climate changes, use a ‘lil common sense, and take advantage of the many EASY beauty solutions out there, rainy days don't have to dampen your style. Here are some tips to get you started!


Hair: Up and Away From Your Face


Waterproof hair ideas for April showers!


Honestly, no girl wants to annoyingly fuss with her hair when April showers hit. This is especially true if you are always on the go! So instead of avoiding going outdoors altogether or dreading a simple walk to your car, have fun exploring both rainy day fashion as well as waterproof hairstyles. Loose topknots, braids, and tight buns are a few styles that look great and typically stay in place even when the rain drops. Just be sure to keep a mini-hairspray and bobby pin in your dainty purse or punk rock handbag. You always want to be prepared in case your hair needs a little more security when you’re out and about! Knit beanies and floral headbands are also fashionable accessories that will help keep your hair tame and in place! In addition to being easy waterproof looks; tied-up, braided, and pinned-back ‘dos are styles that show off your lovely facial features. As for the type of jewelry to wear with these styles, try statement pieces like colorful studs, skull earrings, or beaded danglies for a bit of drama. This type of jewelry especially looks great when the hair is swept away from the face!


Makeup:  Go Bold or Subtle


Waterproof makeup ideas for April showers!


Whether you’re a punk-goth girl or a mod minimalist, you don’t deserve a runny face…not matter what season we’re in! So now is the time that you may want to prepare for April showers with the products that will do the trick! The edgy girl can show her rebellious personality beyond a biker jacket or a long gothic winter coat, and play with bright eye makeup, such as a waterproof eyeshadow crayon. On the other hand, the naturalista can rely on clear waterproof mascara and soft waterproof eyebrow powder to maintain her fresh-faced look. For professional insight regarding the specific waterproof beauty products that’ll keep you looking and feeling great day in and day out, take advantage of your many online beauty resources. Pinterest images as well as YouTube makeup tutorials from beauty bloggers, such as NatshBeautyArt and easyNeon, can help to inspire your next makeup purchase and give you the confidence to try something new!


Nails: Bright Colors and Patterns to Distract the Eye


Waterproof nail ideas for April showers!


Most gals swear by gel manicures no matter what season we’re in! This is because, yes, this type of nail polish definitely adds longevity to your wear. But whether you prefer to apply quality nail polish yourself or would rather head to your favorite nail shop for professional service (and pampering!), have fun exploring bold colors and unique patterns. Super-dry nails typically have no problem when the rain hits, and for DIY queens who want awesome nail colors and prints, decal nail wraps make for a fun alternative. From skull prints to floral printed nail stickers, they are easy to apply and easy to remove! As long as they’re applied correctly, nail decals don’t usually get all funky with unwanted chipping or noticeable cracks. Whether the sun’s out or the rain hits, bright colors and unique patterns add an element of excitement to your everyday look. Plus, how adorable will edgy nail polish patterns or decal prints look when you’re holding a rad umbrella?! Exactly.


Have any awesome waterproof ideas of your own? Leave a comment and share them with us!


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