What to Wear to Summer Concerts And Festivals

What to Wear to Summer Concerts And Festivals

Summer is the perfect time for outdoor concerts and festivals. With so many options, it can be difficult to decide what to wear. Whether you're attending a music festival, a country concert, or a pop show, here are some tips on what to wear to summer concerts and festivals. With the right outfit, you'll look stylish and be ready for a night of fun.

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Are you a first- time festival goer that isn't sure what to wear to a summer concert or music festival? Have you been to countless concerts and festivals but you want new inspiration for festival outfit ideas?

Don't sweat it- we're here to point you in the right direction for exactly what you'll need to wear and bring to a summer concert or music festival. Because let's face it, when it comes to festival clothing and accessories, making sure you have a great outfit together isn't a want, it's a need. Let's break it down by music festival and concert styles.


1. Boho 

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The best thing about dressing boho is the comfort, am I right? To get this Coachella themed look, throw on a maxi dress with a pair of cute, strappy sandals or try a vintage t- shirt paired with bell- bottom jeans. Either way, you'll stay comfortable dancing the day away and look like the most fashionable free spirit around. 


2. Rock

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Sometimes, dressing for hot summer rock and metal concerts can be difficult. We totally get it, it's honestly heartbreaking to even think of leaving your beloved leather jacket at home. With this look, you can keep your rocker style  and stay cool all day. Try pairing an indie- grunge t- shirt with distressed denim cutoff shorts. Major bonus points for styling your shirt by tying it in a knot and layering a leather vest on top to keep that edgy, grunge style. Packing a lightweight flannel button up is a great idea to stay warm at night if you'll be staying at the concert or festival for a while. Lastly, wear a pair of comfortable, casual sneakers- you'll be walking (and dancing) around a lot!


3. EDM

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EDM concerts and festivals are known for being colorful and upbeat. Match the rhythm by wearing a flowy, cute bralette top and a pair of embroidered denim shorts. Top it all off by wearing a colorful wig like the one shown above! Stay comfortable, yet fashion- forward with a pair of cutout sandals to complete this EDM trend- worthy look.


4. Country Western

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Country fans: this one's for y'all. For a more laid- back, biker-inspired western outfit, go for a simple pair of jeans with a graphic t-shirt and layer your look with plaid flannel. If you're looking to dress up a bit more, a pretty sundress is a great go-to

style. As always, don't forget the details! Be sure to bring an embellished cowboy or flat- brimmed hat to protect your eyes from the sun and tie a braided belt around your jeans or dress. And of course, remember to wear your favorite cowboy boots or hologram boots to channel those Johnny Cash vibes.


The Finishing Touches: Accessories

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Last but definitely not least, remember to finish off your outfit with some great accessories and bring everything your mom tells you to. It's important to bring a pair of stylish sunglasses, sunscreen, your wallet, and a backpack or crossbody bag to put everything in! Temporary tattoos are another cool touch that you can add to your look, and a flower crown is a festival classic that will add some femininity to your outfit if you wish to do so.

Now, you're all set to go out into the festival world and rock it no matter what your style is. Have fun, be safe, and dance your heart out! With styles like these, you're going to own the turf.


Let us know which festivals or concerts you plan on going to this summer and which themed look is your favorite by leaving a comment below!


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