Winter Jewelry Guide: Best Jewelry And Accessories For the Holiday Season

Winter Jewelry Guide: Best Jewelry And Accessories For the Holiday Season

As the holiday season draws nearer, it's time to start thinking about what jewelry and accessories you'll be wearing to celebrate! In this guide, we'll offer our top picks for the best winter jewelry and accessories to keep you looking and feeling your best during the festive season. From statement necklaces to winter hats, we'll show you how to accessorize your wardrobe for a truly memorable holiday look. So, let's get started!

Winter weather may mean moving from sundresses and tank tops to wool jackets and gloves, but just because you’re all covered up doesn’t mean you can’t rock a stunning piece of jewelry or two! Some jewelry seems to be designed with the cold winter months in mind, so feel free to jazz up your favorite cold weather ensembles with some fantastic accessories.

When we think of winter jewelry it is easy to think of pendants shaped like snowflakes, earrings that look like Christmas tree ornaments, and cold, icy diamonds, but this isn’t the only way to dress up an outfit this season. Winter is the perfect time to dress up your outfit with velvet, leather, pearls, and all sorts of other amazing decorative pieces.

Smooth, Flat Jewelry Will Protect Your Winter Clothes

Winter Jewelry: Smooth, Flat Jewelry Will Protect Your Winter Clothes


Because gloves, scarves, and cute hats are necessary in the cold winter months it is important to choose rings, earrings, and necklaces wisely. You will want to wear accessories with few raised stones or other designs that could snag the delicate threading in your favorite cold weather gear. If you want a necklace or ring with a little bit of flash you might want to consider stones like opal and jade that are typically rounded and smooth.

Pearl accessories are perfect for dressy winter events. Gorgeous, sleek, and opulent, pearls will always be appropriate for any upscale setting, but because they are smooth they won’t damage your beautiful winterclothing and accessories. Their tendency to be pure white or grey means they are also an excellent choice for people who want to step their outfit up a notch without going crazy with color.

Jewelry with a flat band can also help prevent fabric snags, but just because a band is flat doesn’t mean it has to be plain. There are bands with lovely engraved designs or embedded stones that will look fabulous without potentially destroying your favorite gloves. Flat pieces like chokers or small stud earrings are an excellent way to protect your clothes from inadvertent damage.

Consider Alternatives To Metal Jewelry

Winter Jewelry Guide: Consider Alternatives To Metal Jewelry


For people living in extremely cold environments non-metal jewelry may be something to consider. Metal is an excellent conductor, which means it will cool down quickly when exposed to the cold air. Anyone who has ever made the mistake of wearing a metal watch in the cold can attest to this!

There are beautiful pieces of jewelry made of almost every material you can imagine, including plastic, wood, and fabric of every kind. These would be a much better choice for people who know shoveling snow is in their near future. A velvet choker or leather wristband is much less likely to cause discomfort than a bulky watch or an ear cuff this winter.

Think About Adjustable Pieces

Holiday Jewelry: Consider Adjustable Accessories for Cold Weather Wear


Jewelry that can be adjusted in size is also something to think about. When you are indoors in the winter the heat can make your fingers and wrists swell, making rings and bracelets potentially uncomfortable.

On the other end of the spectrum, jewelry that fits you just fine when you leave your warm house in the morning can quickly become too big as the cold causes your fingers and wrists to shrink. An adjustable bracelet or wrist cuff might be much more comfortable if you will find yourself going between indoor and outdoor activities this winter.

Brooches Are The Best

Winter Accessories Guide: Brooches Are The Best


If you want to wear a big, flashy piece of jewelry during the winter months without worrying about freezing metal or snagging fabric, why not consider a brooch? The height of vintage fashion, a brooch is an excellent way to add a little bit of sparkle to your bulky winter outfit.

A brooch can be anything from a tiny pin to an enormous collection of stones, making an incredibly flexible choice for adding a little bit of bling to your ensemble. A brooch can also add a little flair to an otherwise plain pashmina or the lapel of your coat, making it one of the few pieces of jewelry that can be worn outside all of your heavy winter gear.

A steampunk style brooch is an excellent way to accent a goth or steampunk outfit. Cogs and metal gears are the perfect design for a brooch, whether individually or used as the base for a more complex design, making this an excellent steampunk accessory. Victorian cameo brooches, on the other hand, are a dazzling way to dress up a gothic look. Brooches aren’t just for your grandma’s sweater collection anymore!

Color Matters

Winter Accessories Style Guide: Deep Colors are In


For people looking to make a bold statement, winter is also the perfect time to take advantage of some of those stunning holiday colors you have in your collection! Red, green, blue, silver, and gold are all gorgeous compliments to your dark winter apparel. No matter what holidays you choose to celebrate this winter, you can’t go wrong with these gorgeous traditional colors, so keep an eye out for affordable jewelry in beautiful winter hues. 

This is also the time of year to make use of those plush, opulent colors. Bright pink, yellow, and orange may rule the summer months but deep, rich blues, purples, and reds dominate the snowy season. Break out your cobalts, scarlets, and dark plums to add a gorgeous flash of color while you romp through the snow this winter.

Awesome Accessories

Winter Accessories


Whether you are trying to put the finishing touches on a posh ensemble or simply add another awesome piece to an already incredible outfit, stunning jewelry is an amazing way to flaunt your personality through your wardrobe.

Whether it's a pretty pendant worn over your winter skater dress, or a pair simple ear cuff and nothing more - add a bit of sparkle and shine or harken back to eras gone by through your accessories, showing the world it isn’t just about keeping warm this winter.

Do you have a favorite style of jewelry for the winter? Let us know in the comments below!

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