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Antimetry began as a fusion of the craftsmanship and ambition shared between two best friends. Our very first creations drew attention from close family and friends, which sparked our interest in sharing their appeal with a worldwide e-shop. (web link removed)>

Our main concern is to maintain the originality of our products, whilst providing novelty and quality. Here is a little about us:

Developing a unique style based around his trademark “oxidisation upon forging” and colourust, Themis conveys unique colour and style through the use of of chemical reactions and combustion.

Here at Antimetry we avoid using molds and casted jewellery, preferring to nurture the uniqueness in each of our products. Handmade with affection, they are all limited ranges of stock.

Our main source of inspiration is vintage grunge styles, which we try to breathe new life into to create distinctive, modern designs.

We always use anti-allergic materials such as alpaca silver and nickel-free bronze.

We work hard to try and provide a wide range of styles to choose from, to help you find that special item to match your personality.

Featured Items

Antimetry Magdalena Necklace *Forged Brass Chrysocolla*