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Daisy Duke Style For Country Music Festivals

Daisy Duke Style For Country Music Festivals

Are you getting ready for your next country music festival? If so, it's time to channel your inner Daisy Duke and rock a classic, country-inspired look. Whether you're going for a classic denim-on-denim ensemble or a modern, feminine style, here are some key pieces to help you create the perfect Daisy Duke look for your next festival.

The style of Daisy Duke inspires the modern country music fan!


Since first airing in 1979, “The Dukes of Hazzard” captivated the American audience for several reasons. The sizzling-hot character “Daisy Mae Duke,” played by the lovely Catherine Bach, being reason number one. If you didn’t want to be Daisy, you wanted to date her! And when her sexy girl-next-door vibe was brought to life again in The Dukes of Hazzard 2005 blockbuster, in which she was played by pop star Jessica Simpson, her signature look took on a life of its own. Although tons of gals over numerous music genres can rock a Daisy Duke-inspired outfit, it’s the country girls, rockabilly women, and pinup darlings that are known to do it best. From her dark locks and million-dollar smile to her ultra-fitting blouses and skin-baring jean shorts, Daisy Duke makes good girls wanna look bad! 

So if country music festivals are on the horizon for you this summer, keep reading! Here are styling suggestions on what to wear to your upcoming summer music festival(s)!

Cowboy Hat and Effortless Tresses:


Cowboy hats and perfect tresses for a country concert!


For the Blake Shelton, Kenny Chesney, or Luke Bryan fan, it’s not just about the cowboy hat! A country music-lovin’ girl also knows that it’s about her tresses underneath. A well-fitted hat and effortless-looking locks go hand in hand at a concert, showing both her passion for the culture and her femininity. Due to the fact that a cowboy hat and beautiful hair already make a lovely combo -- proving how much music impacts our fashion choices -- less is often more when it comes to adorning your face with tons of makeup and ears with heavy earrings. But should you really want to turn heads as you walk to the concession stand for an ice cold drink, throw on a statement necklace and a bold red lip!


“Daisy Dukes” and Cowboy Boots


Daisy Duke style for the modern country girl!


It ain’t a country event if you don’t have the shoes and shorts to match! And why not show your passion for country and comfort in a very casual, yet skin-baring style? A country music festival is all about celebrating life, from dancing to your favorite country singer’s heartfelt lyrics to embracing your sweetie pie in picture-perfect moments. So when it comes to channeling your inner Daisy Duke, have fun with mixing and matching your “Daisy Dukes” and cowboy boots!  As for your shoes, which may be punk-inspired boots verus a traditional western pair, make sure they are worn in a bit so that you can be comfy all day and all night. As for the shorts, make sure you can bend over and sit down without turning your PG-13 outfit into an X-rated show. And no matter the type of blouse you wear, a rustic, fashionable belt always adds extra style!    


Button-Up Blouses and Denim Bottoms


Daisy Duke style in plaid shirts and western shirts!


The beauty of the button-up not only lies in its varied color and prints, the beauty is clearly evident in its versatility! Whether you wear buttoned up over jeans for an androgynous look or tied-up to show off your tight midriff – in true Daisy Duke style – a button-up blouse is that perfect piece to show your country music pride during an outdoor festival. No matter the type of button-up, be it a western shirt or a classic plaid shirt, any type of denim bottom works! Skinny jeans look great tucked into a pair of cowboy boots, while a pair of flared or bell-bottom jeans fit perfectly over a platform sandal for a 70s boho beauty appeal. With or without jewelry, let your button-up take center stage!


Rockabilly and Retro Statements


Daisy Duke style for the romantic rockabilly and pinup darling!


Although rockabilly romantics and pinup darlings may not be the first images you think of when it comes to Daisy Duke style…think again! Sometimes, the vibe of a person’s style is more inspiring than the actual fashion items. And while the modern country girl may proudly sport cowboy boots, western shirt, and jeans, rockabilly romantics and pinup darlings epitomize vintage femininity and modesty. Think Johnny Cash over Garth Brooks, platforms over cowboy boots, rockabilly dresses over jeans, and perfectly coiffed pinup curls over loose waves. Daisy Duke exuded a simple sense of sexiness in 70s western fashion, but how you interpret her power of femininity is up to you!


Have you already scored tickets to a summer country music festival? Leave a comment and let us know what you’ll be wearing!


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