Going to A Black Tie Christmas Party? Add A touch Of Gothic Edge to Your Outfit

Going to A Black Tie Christmas Party? Add A touch Of Gothic Edge to Your Outfit

Are you looking to add a touch of Gothic edge to your outfit for a Black Tie Christmas party? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we’ll be discussing how you can create an edgy, yet elegant look for your next festive gathering. We’ll be looking at how to accessorize and style both classic and contemporary pieces to give your look a unique, gothic-inspired flair. So, if you’re ready to make a statement, read on to find out how to turn heads at your next Christmas party!

As fun as black tie Christmas parties can be, it's fair to say they can be a little corporate - yawn. 

Now, while you may be expected to turn up to this year's festive gathering suited, booted and looking sharp, you don't necessarily have to don the same old suit, shirt and bowtie combo that everyone else does.

It's Christmas - and we feel that means letting loose, enjoying yourself and taking a break from the everyday. And if you agree, we expect you'll also be the kind of person hoping to add a touch of originality to their black tie outfit

To help you do just that without having to wear a t-shirt tuxedo (that's been done way too many times), this guide will show you how to add a little gothic edge to your black tie uniform at this year's Christmas shindig.

Pick a Gothic Jacket

Add a touch of Gothic Edge to Your Outfit: Formal Jackets


If you want to look like a regular Robert Smith or Gary Numan, only more modern, you'll need to choose the right jacket.

The best thing about gothic style dress jackets is the fact that they offer the cut of a dress blazer but with a host of subtle yet striking additions such as unusual lapels or menacing (in a good way) buttons.

Browse our gothic men's jackets and pick yourself a winner, depending on how subtle or outlandish you wish to look.

Rock a Gothic Vest for Extra Detail

Add a Gothic edge to formal outfits with a Gothic Vest


Original and new age goths alike enjoy seasoning their look with a leather waistcoat or exaggerated detail.

Once you've selected your jacket, you'll want to source a classic men's gothic vest to complement it. Depending on your jacket of choice, you might want to go for a head-turning cut or perhaps even a vest with the kind of intricate details you won't necessarily notice at first glance. Detailed embroidery, skull buttons or other embellishments can be a definite nod to this stunning subculture - so be sure to pay attentlion to details.

Look Sharp in a Gothic Shirt

Add a touch of Gothic Edge to Your Outfit: Pick a Gothic Shirt for Formal Events


Delving deeper into the torso section of your festive black tie look, getting the right shirt for your outfit is essential.

To achieve that cool and edgy yet super sharp look - the likes of which have been sported by Brandon Lee in The Crow - picking a cool shirt that screams gothic-smart is the key.

If you're really looking to add a touch of flair to your gothic black tie outfit, a ruffled shirt will make a deliciously dark addition, but if you're yearning for a more streamlined party image, a black collared number may be for you.

Opt for Tailored Gothic Trousers

Tailored Goth Trousers Add a touch of Gothic Edge to Your Outfit


Of course, we doubt you'll want to go to your Christmas black tie party in a suit top, shoes and underpants, so a pair of authentic goth pants is a must. The great thing about gothic style bottoms is they can be as classic or outlandish as you wish, depending on what you're going for.

You could opt for gothic style men's jeans and a tailored blazer to add a casual element to your outfit - or you could go the other way entirely. For that more head-turning gothic edge, a pair of buckled trousers will make the perfect addition to your party outfit. But, if you're seeking something a little sleeker, a little sexier - a little more Gary Numan circa 1980s - a pair of leather-look bottoms are essential. These will not only drop a few jaws at the Christmas party but they'll also add an element of deliciously dark style to your Xmas ensemble.

Add a Formal Finish with Gothic Shoes

Mens Gothic Formal Outfits: Add a Formal Finish with Gothic Shoes


There's no substitute for a great pair of shoes - particularly when you're talking about going gothic.

More often than not, shoes serve to make or break an outfit and as goth by its very nature is a movement about being alternative, expressive and breaking the mould of convention, with a black tie outfit (as long as they're somewhat smart), there is plenty of scope when it comes to shoes.

We have a host of edgy gothic dress shoes with heels, buckles, brogue patterning, outlandish patterns and more - so take a look, fill your boots and complete your festive party look. And, to add those all-important finishing touches to your formal gothic look, we have a broody range of gothic accessories for men to make your outfit pop!

We hope you have a fun yet deeply dark time at this year's Christmas party and to join in the festive merriment, share your look with us on Facebook or Instagram.

We look forward to seeing them.

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