Nu Goth Clothing

Goth clothing has been a sensation since the 80s and has outlived significant changes, giving birth to numerous sub-genres, such as nu goth clothing. With the style having a modern twist and making an impact on many alternative fans, it looks like nu goth fashion is making it big in the fashion scene! If you are a fan of Robert Smith from The Cure, Joy Division, or Nine Inch Nails & Tool, you are probably a hardcore fan of dark aesthetics. 

Picture a soft mixture between an up-to-date gothic trend of all-black clothing with an abundance of baroque-inspired jewelry and elegant Victorian silhouettes, and you have yourself nu goth! It is termed as the darker sister of pastel goth, and the modernized version made chic. The style has also tapped into styles like witch clothing, bringing out the aspects of crosses, pentagrams, and bats. You may also have observed a slight sway of punk, hipster clothing, and soft grunge in its aesthetic, with the mystical motifs of occult fashion taking center stage. Also, consider checking our gothic bedding collection.

Nu goth style and its loyal followers value self-discovery above anything else, making the main element of the style about personal fashion taste. The best way to describe nu goth subculture is the sleekness, simplicity, and minimalism. Unlike the warm hues of pastel goth, It is gloomy with black color as the main staple, shades of grey, and a touch of white. It brings in the ouija board motif of Wiccan clothing and cuts across other subcultures with dark aesthetics. The style can also have a classic comeback from the tie and dye effects of grunge clothes, making the style more vintage than ever. The outfits are pretty badass, and you should add some pieces to your alternative wardrobe because you will love it!

Shop for goth clothing on our online store today. We have a wide collection of apparel for you to choose from. Check out our selection of women’s nu goth clothing for your wardrobe. Go for mysterious prints like moon phases and pentagrams while experimenting with our various trends.

Explore our collection of unique women’s nu goth tops and tees. Our tops range from fitting to loose blouses to fit whatever occasion and come in different patterns like long-sleeved, short-sleeved and printed. Choose the pentagram print hollow-out top for your wardrobe; it would look perfect with skinny jeans and nu goth jewelry like chains and pendants. The women’s t-shirts in our collection are designed in a range of prints from bat wings to skull drawings and portraits of your favorite artist. From fitting plus size clothing to baggy clothes, explore our range of quirky products for the perfect casual outfit.

We have trendy nu goth dresses you might like to include in your everyday wear, such as the black fitting metal-ringed dress. You can also consider shopping for a baggy t-shirt dress with appealing witch patterns. Looking for the perfect bottom wear to pair with women’s nu goth outerwear? Peek through our designer pants with straps and buckles. Go for our dark accent cargo pants with multi pockets and metal detailing like chains. Also, shop for nu goth leggings in exciting prints like skulls and skeletons to pair with a cropped hoodie for winter garb. We also have intimates like tights and stockings with exciting patterns to pair with a dress or dress top.

You can as well shop for men’s nu goth clothing; we have stocked unique staples for men to shop for. Opt for our black-designed t-shirts as you browse through our assortment of men’s nu goth shirts and tees. Find your preferred nu goth hoodie today, we have designs ranging from ouija board prints to creepy skulls. Why not opt for a simple designed long-sleeved nu goth sweatshirt to pair with men’s nu goth pants and hipster cap.

Check out our nu goth accessories section for printed bags and fancy hair accessories. Find your ideal hat, from wide brims to fedoras and bucket hats, to add to your wardrobe. We also have a fine collection of goth swimsuits to choose from and rock during summer. Our collection of goth clothing fits alternative lovers with an eye for uniqueness and attention to detail.

Shop at RebelsMarket today for fun designs and interesting patterns selected from various nu goth brands and stores. We have a wide range of clothing for both men and women, with unique accessories and jewelry to match. From health goth to pastel goth, find your ideal gothic taste as you explore our various collections. You are what you wear, and RebelsMarket will delight your taste buds with a range of goth clothing to fit your personality and love for dark clothing. Shop today and get 10% OFF your first purchase. Worldwide shipping available.


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