Goth Girl Fashion For Bat Appreciation Day

Goth Girl Fashion For Bat Appreciation Day

There is a holiday for just about everything these days, but not all have the fashion potential that Bat Appreciation Day does. That’s right- April 17th is all about bats, and who better to show their love for the nocturnal animal than lovers of dark and mysterious fashion! If the only bat-themed clothing you have is that old Batman t-shirt, then take a look at these Goth inspired styles to help you celebrate Bat Day:


Batty in Black


Bats are not the most conspicuous of animals, so you may opt to take a similar approach when styling your outfit. The classic little black dress is a great starting point where you can start with the basics and then add bat themed accessories. Remember, not all black dresses are created equal. Add some dimension by choosing a black dress in a fun texture, such as velvet or chiffon. 

Though basic black is the foundation of the outfit, you have to know how to accessorize your little black dress. You can even incorporate bats with your footwear- platform boots with bat wings, or knee-socks featuring the pattern. Kitten ear headbands are popular, but for Bat Day wear a batty headband or hair clips. Modern goth earrings are a subtle way to incorporate the motif, but also leaves room to pile on another small accessory along with a large one. Rock a themed watch and bat backpack to take your LBD to the next level.


Bold & Battyful


Beautiful may have been a stretch, but there certainly is room to go bold with your look and incorporate colors other than black. Pastel Goth clothes offer a modern spin on traditional Goth girl outfits, putting pink pastels in the place of dark burgundy and light blue in place of the navy. Since the Goth aspect is tied in with darker patterns -such as skulls and inverted crosses- bats will fit right into the look. Lilac is a favorite go-to color for the style, so go for gothic skirts, leggings, and dresses with lilac bat patterns. The trend does not stop there either- pastel hair colors are a big part of the pastel goth look.

If you aren't quite ready to commit to something so permanent, try completing the look with goth-inspired hair accessories with a twist. Edgy clothes with spikes, paired with bright and feminine rosebuds, would make a perfect pastel goth headpiece. There is a ton of room to mix and match colors and prints, so the main focus of this look should be having fun and being festive.

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