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Have you heard about the collection of the latest gothic bags and unique backpacks that RebelsMarket has? Hurry and get your hands on these trend-worthy bags that are trending, and you too should get on the trend. Our bags are statement gothic accessories you can carry regardless of the time of the day or night. Vamp up your closet with high-quality bags that will take your outfit a notch higher and blend in with your gothic-themed outfits.

Why should I shop for this bag? What makes this bag stand out from any other bag? The simple answer to these frequently asked questions is simple! Gothic bags from NU goth collection are characterized by dark features that make them stand out pieces from mainstream branded bags. We ensure that all of our bags conform to the gothic cultural style observed through frightening homogeneous features such as skulls and crosses. Ensure to shop for the ideal gothic bag that you can match with your gothic clothing.

Stylish gothic bags & backpacks you should own

Whether you require mini backpacks or an ouija board lunch bag, you can store your food safely in, it's our duty to see to it that your wants and needs are well catered for. Let's take a look at what we have to satisfy your needs and have you coming back for more of our bags. 

If you are searching for a school backpack that will complement a men's punk rock jeans and a graphic t-shirt, try our skeleton print hoodies or a Baphomet backpack. School might not always be interesting, but we have creepy and eerie bags to put the fan back in school. Make your school trips amazing with these unisex backpacks and leave your classmates admiring your epic taste.

You can also find messenger bags that come in unique designs and prints. The bags are worn over the shoulder and have straps attached to them for support. Invest in these designer bags, which would be a great fit when paired with your gothic men's clothing as you head out to run your errands. Our broad selection consists of laptop bags and Tiberio faux leather bags with padded adjustable hands.

If you are looking for any way to stay cool and creepy at the same time, consider shopping for a red eyeball backpack that will be suitable. Yes, the bag is adorable in a creepy way, with the eyeball creating a horrific design complemented with the red color of the bag.  Complete the look with an outfit from our collection of women's gothic outfits. Other designs feature bats like the bat backpack. Make your everyday look spooky and enjoyable with these badass bags to give you a baddie look.

If you are traveling and looking for a carrier to hold your clothes and other valuables, look at the options we have in store for traveling bags that will give you the travel-in-class feeling.  Shop for a gothic duffle bag that is big enough and has space in between to fit your necessities. Get to your preferred destination in style as you rock the bag with black alternative women's boots.

Are you in need of a Halloween-themed carrier that you can put your items in while doing the trick-or-treat game? If so, check out our Halloween skull gothic bag that comes in black, white, and green colors. You can also have a look at the vampire bat gothic bag that is handmade and is extraordinarily shaped with three compartments enough to host different items. Complete your trick-or-treat spooky bag look with a men's punk leather jacket or a simple costume.

Ladies, get yourself a gothic handbag that will leave you nothing short of stunning. Whether you will want one with skulls or printed with frightening words, our carriers are the way to go. You can shop for a bat handbag that has bat prints on them. Get tote bags, messenger, hobo, and pentagram bags in black. Besides bat bags, you can also browse through our page for more selections we have that are bound to complement your outfits.

We also have gothic fanny packs that can be wrapped around your waist or on the arm, depending on your style. One thing about them is that they are unisex and can be worn to bring out an elegant look, from double zipper hip pouches to gothic steampunk drop belt bags. Get your hands on cool fannies and take your look to a new level of sophistication.

RebelsMarket has a diverse selection of gothic bags you can have for a well-blended gothic look. Choose your style and embrace them with these bags because fashion is everywhere, but drip is forever. Get a vast collection of bags from totes to mini backpacks, among many more styles you can get from our shop. Get 10% OFF your first order. Worldwide shipping available for all.


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