Stunning Halloween SFX Makeup You Won't Believe Isn't Real

Stunning Halloween SFX Makeup You Won't Believe Isn't Real

Around the Halloween season YouTube's most talented makeup and special effects artists show off their skills and creativity by filming creepy tutorials for us to try (or just gawk at). Achieving these looks are not an easy thing to do - you need patience, time and room for trial and error practice sessions. (If you want cute and easy tutorials check out our favorites here.)

Although these looks might not be so comfortable to wear but, damn, do they look amazing! From the more "subtle" SFX looks such as a stitched up neck to extreme makeup looks that are actually pretty scary - these following tutorials are 2017's best!


Creepy Enchanted Deer SFX Makeup

Let's start with something with a bit less gore and a lot more fantasy. This Enchanted Deer look by Jordan Hanz is so adorable (in the creepiest way possible) by mixing in organic forest elements, a zombie mouth and honeycomb SFX. Her attention to detail in the video makes for a fun transformation to watch - and makes it look so easy all the while. You can also take apart the look and just use the zombie makeup or the honeycomb and bees if you wanted something a tad less dramatic. 


Sylvia Gani's "Melting Robot" Makeup Tutorial

Bring out the cyber goth inside you with Sylvia Gani's "Melting Robot" tutorial! Looks that mix both sci-fi elements and glam are great ways to look cute while showing off your artistic skills. The melting skin looks difficult but this tutorial makes it out to be quite easy (but then again, I guess its their job to make it seem accessible). 


Horrific Giant Mouth Monster Halloween Makeup

Now for the most terrifying tutorial we've ever seen: the "Giant Mouth Monster" by Simple Symphony! Even though this is a tutorial in French you really don't need to do much but gape in awe at the creativity of this SFX makeup. She's managed to erase the bottom part of her face with prosthetics and elongate the mouth by utilizing the length of her neck - amazing! For you brave and talented ones, this is for you!



"Sewn Up Neck" Prosthetic SFX Tutorial

This tutorial by Leann Wells is another prosthetic SFX tutorial but is lightyears less extreme than Simply Symphony's. The "Sewn Up Neck" is another look that blends a glam face look (if you want) with horror and gore aspects. It requires only some shading skills and a bit of time - add this anywhere on your body: face, arms, chest... the possibilites are endless. 


Terrifying Cenobite Chatterer Makeup Look

Speaking of horror, Raw Beauty Kristi's Chatterer (aka The Angel of Suffering) from Hellraiser tutorial is absolutely scary. Kristi's prosthetics are out of this world and require tons of talent to build up the Chatterer's bloody and gashed face - it looks completely real! The collaboration with Jordan Hanz as Hellraiser is perfect for a couple or BFF project, too! 


Pre and Post-Op Plastic Surgery Barbie Makeup

The "Pre and Post-Op Plastic Surgery Barbie" is just a bit more lighthearted and playful. Glam&Gore's SFX tutorial for the botched and tragic side of the perfect Barbie doll can be both a social commentary or just a creative way to mix SFX with super girly makeup. Watching the transformation from pre to post operation in this tutorial is fantastic and her commentary is fun as well - just wait til she adds the botched up lip!


Gorey & Glamorous Little Red Riding Hood Makeup

Ellimac's SFX makeup for "Little Red Riding Hood" is equal parts gorey and glam. The huge gash (and missing eye) on Little Red's face adds the drama that most of the fairytale costume won't usually have - it will stand out in the crowd at a party for sure. Watch as she destroys her face one bloody cut at a time. 


Creepy Hand Makeup Tutorial

OK. This tutorial is just plain weird... and really freakin scary. The "Creepy Hand" tutorial by Klara Make-Up Art is so unbelivable and strange you will have to give it a double take. The prosthetic hands she places on her face and in her mouth is so horrorific and realistic it's hard to believe someone is not shoving their hands through the back of her head! It wins for most creativity!


"Stabbed Through the Heart" SFX Makeup

And for us drama queens, the "Stabbed through the heart" SFX makeup again by Ellimacs is another fun SFX tutorial that allows you to keep your glam makeup on at the same time. The splashing blood droplets around the sword is an extra element to add to the extreme idea. How fun yet sexy is this tutorial?


Pierced Eye SFX Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Finally - this death by lipstick "Pierced Eye" tutorial by Alaha Karimi is a perfect way to wrap up this list! As another look that's all about the reveal, one half of the face is made up while the other is completely bloody and horrorific... with a tube of liquid lipstick! Any sort of long and small-ish object could work for this idea. All it requires is a few prosthetics and some shading... well, it's not that easy but definitely attainable!


Which Halloween special effects makeup look is your favorite? Comment below!


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