13 DIY Halloween Costumes That Are Actually Pretty Scary

13 DIY Halloween Costumes That Are Actually Pretty Scary

Are you looking for a Halloween costume that's more than just a few store-bought items thrown together? Look no further! We have 13 DIY Halloween costumes that are sure to spook and surprise your friends and family. From creepy crawly insects to spooky ghosts, these costumes are sure to make your Halloween night a frightfully fun experience. So grab your craft supplies and let's get started on these creepy and creative costumes!

It’s that time of year again! Halloween is just around the corner, so it’s time to shake out your favorite zombie costumes, skull attires and prepare to get spooky.

But, if you’re looking to add a little more theater to your Halloween wardrobe this year, consider taking the leap and creating your own DIY Halloween costume. But be warned - wearing a mask or draping a sheet over your head and calling yourself a ghost just won’t cut it anymore.

The DIY Halloween costume movement seems to have boomed in recent years – and we can’t get enough of it. People are creative, and this holiday allows that creativity to shine through.

So if you’re searching for Halloween costume inspiration, then we’ve got you covered. Here's a selection of the top picks we’ve found from around the web; it turns out that some of the DIY Halloween costumes out there are truly terrifying!

Awesome Skull Face Paint

Skull Face Paint makes for an easy DIY Halloween Costume
Photo Courtesy of: www.minimalisti.com

Skull outfits seem to be done to death at this time of year (excuse the pun), but this intricate skull face paint from SFX make-up artist Liz English is truly original. This costume is all about drawing focus straight to the face, so if you want to recreate the look at home, then try pairing it with something plain but edgy, like a fitted leather jacket and a graphic tee.

DIY Silent Hill Nurse Costume

Scary DIY Halloween Costume Idea - Silent Hill Nurse
Photo courtesy of: konami-news.com

There’s something inherently scary about Halloween nurse costumes in general. Still, it’s safe to say that the nurses from the popular video game Silent Hill are entirely on a whole other level. This creepy DIY nurse costume is perfect if you want to scare your friends to death!

Queen of Darkness

This spectacularly terrifying makeup tutorial is great for anyone who loves dark clothing or an old-fashioned, spooky style. The haunting eye-makeup and body art is striking. While it looks pretty intricate (or complex, depending on how you see it), the chest piece could easily be substituted for a gothic choker or another piece of statement jewelry.

Ms. Smiley DIY Mask

Ms. Smiley will haunt your dreams! This bone-chilling tutorial from YouTuber Maria Kristall is freaky in the best kind of way. And that’s why we like it. Plus, we’re not even sure what Halloween clothing you’d pair this one with, as it could probably make any outfit seem disturbing!

Marilyn Manson Cosplay

Fun DIY Halloween Costume Idea - Marilyn Manson 
Photo courtesy of costume-works

Marilyn Manson, arguably a cultural icon, is captured perfectly in this awesome DIY costume. The clothing itself is simple, but it’s the white-colored contact lenses and distinctive face paint that steal the show. This costume is an excellent option for fans of dark clothing, industrial trench coats, and Steampunk corsets.

Terrifying Crazy Clown Makeup

Clowns are a classic DIY Halloween Costume Idea. Give your look a modern twist!
Photo courtesy of vecorevyn

You know what they say; the devil is in the detail. This freaky clown face is hard to stomach even for people who aren’t afraid of clowns or clown’s costumes (if such people exist)! If you’re brave enough to create this ambitious special effect, then try donning a top hat and blood-red stilettoes for a gruesomely carnivalesque character.

Nancy Downs from The Craft

Fairuza Balk’s iconic style when she played the witch Nancy Downs in the cult classic The Craft was a delicious mash-up between modern gothic and 90’s grunge. The make-up for this look is all about heavy liner and dark eyes – perfect for layering with dark clothing such as woven cardigans or statement leather jackets. Add a plaid schoolgirl skirt and some chunky black ankle boots to complete this retro Halloween outfit, and let your inner witch come out to play!

Horrific Killer Snail SFX Makeup

This killer snail costume is so disturbing it looks almost real. And, for the more ambitious DIYer, there’s a whole tutorial on YouTube detailing how to create this horrific look. Granted, it doesn’t seem like the most practical Halloween costume (unless you fancy drinking through a straw for the entire night), but it over-delivers on sheer awesomeness! Check out the full tutorial from ellimacs SFX makeup if you can stomach it.

Jigsaw DIY Costume

DIY Halloween Costume Idea - Jigsaw from Saw
Photo courtesy of: polyvore.com

Who isn’t terrified of Jigsaw from the popular Saw movie franchise? Terrifying he might be, but his clothes are pretty simplistic. By combining carefully selected everyday wardrobe items, this look could be easily created at home (with the right makeup and accessories, of course). Get the look with doll leggings, a white shirt, aaces, and carefully applied face paint. The red tricycle is optional, however. 

Stitched Mouth Makeup

This sewn-mouth makeup tutorial is pretty impressive, striking enough to be a statement addition to any Halloween outfit, although zombie costumes or haunted dolls in particular spring to mind. Plus, it’s a lot simpler to create than it first appears – all you need is spirit gum, face paint, black thread, and a big needle (don’t worry, there’s no real sewing required).

Complete the creepy-doll look with a ruffled blouse, hosiery or leggings, and a pair of shiny doll shoes.

Hyper-Realistic Fake Vampire Fangs

Scary DIY Halloween Costume Idea - Classic or Modern Vampire
Photo courtesy of: www.youtube.com

This tutorial from keevanski.com is super easy (be sure to watch with the subtitles on if you don’t speak Spanish), but you do need a plaster cast or mold of your teeth to begin with. Granted, this isn’t an item that many of us have to hand, but the results are truly stunning!

If you’re feeling ambitious this Halloween, pair these teeth with a black corset and some killer boots for a genuinely terrifying (and super realistic) vampire look.

Witch Doctor and Voodoo Doll DIY Costume

Voodoo and Witch Doctor Themed DIY Halloween Costumes
Photo courtesy of costume-works

If you want to go full-on DIY, how about this voodoo couple for inspiration? The whole costume was hand-stitched from scratch, using fabric, yarn, paper, burlap, and other materials that you can easily find in any DIY or craft store.

But if creating this look from scratch seems a little too ambitious (we don’t blame you), try modifying an existing outfit with a few natural materials pairing a tiered tail skirt and white shirt and accessorizing with skull earrings.

Honorable Mention: Real Face Hyper Realistic Face Masks

Scary Halloween Costume Idea - Realistic Face Masks
Photo courtesy of: real.f

OK, this one isn’t technically a DIY Halloween costume, but it deserves an honorable mention. Japanese company REAL-f will take your face and turn it into a mask for you, using three-dimensional-photo-form technology. It's like something straight out of a horror movie.

Imagine opening the door to trick-or-treaters while wearing one of these beauties! You’d scare the neighborhood kids for life.

Have a fantastic idea for a DIY Halloween outfit or costume? We'd love to hear it - so please share it with us in the comments section below!


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