Styles And Gift Ideas For The August Baby!

Styles And Gift Ideas For The August Baby!

Welcome to the world of August babies! If you're expecting a baby in August, you're in for an exciting and memorable journey. August babies have a lot to look forward to, including a wide variety of stylish and unique gift ideas. Here, we'll discuss some of the most popular styles and gift ideas for August babies, so you can make sure your little one is well-dressed and well-adorned!

Looking for style or gift ideas for someone born in August? We have you covered! Whether a creative and passionate Leo (July 23 – Aug 22) or a practical and analytical Virgo (Aug 23 – Sept 22), you can cater to an August baby's style with a fresh perspective on bold colors and floral prints! 


Use accessories to show elements of your birthstone or birthflower!



Whether you like to sunbathe in stylish and edgy swimwear in the hot, humid heat or sweating it out at outdoor rock concerts and festivals…it’s seriously summertime during the month of August! But if you feel that there’s still a little something missing from your summer wardrobe, consider having some fun with your zodiac sign’s signature birthstone and birth flower.


Famous August Babies




Oftentimes, we look toward pop culture and our favorite edgy style icons for fashion inspiration. That said, are you familiar with some of the celebrities you share your birthday month with? Famous August babies include Madonna, Kylie Jenner, “Paige” (the goth-punk wrestler of WWE’s Total Divas), Demi Lovato, and Kelis. Each celeb has a unique personal style in her own right – from sexy black corsets to goth pastel clothing! Go ahead an take a cue from their book of confidence and sport your own summer look with ease.



Enhance your street style with accents of your birthstone’s color!

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Whether you’re looking for a new, trendy blouse or a bold Steampunk necklace, peridot – the Leo birthstone – is a cool element to add to your summer wardrobe! Peridot, which ranges from olive-green to lime-green, can be worked into your outfit several different ways.

You could rock a few green leather bracelets with all white or get cozy in an oversized green grunge sweater on a chilly summer day. Either way, you can totally use the peridot stone or its wide range of hues to enhance your personal style. Chic boho babes, minimalists, and soft grunge girls can all benefit from this birthstone’s energy in one way or another. From summertime to fall, green remains a classic choice for the lovely Leo! 


Add the beauty of August's birthstone color to your outfit!



Make waves with your personal style this summer, no matter when your birthday month is. But if you’re a Virgo who wants to add some extra sparkle and pop to your outfit, go blue! The highly sought-after sapphire is a gemstone that can help brighten your day simply due to its bold hue. Whether you prefer to show the beauty of blue sapphire in a pair of gothic earrings or would like to add more vibrancy to your normcore style with sapphire-toned skirts and super cute heels, have fun playing with your alternative summer style!  


Birth Flowers

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The concept of wearing a cute floral print dress might not sound too exciting to the you, if you’re not really into the flashiness. However, if you’re a Leo and considering fresh ideas for floral fashion, in particular the sunflower – your zodiac sign’s signature flower –  you might want to reconsider. Remember: there are multiple ways to work the sunflower print and/or color scheme into your outfit. Wanna go for a classic boho look? A sunflower headpiece will provide a nice hippie touch. As for a bolder statement without the print? Try a bright yellow maxi dress and accessories that are of a dark brown and dark green hue. 


Choose your summer outfit based on the beauty of morning glories- an August birth flower!



The trumpet-shaped morning glory flower is just as unique as the independent Virgo! This flower appears in a wide range of colors, including purple, pink, red, white, and blue. This gives you several options when it comes to styling a cool outfit together – you aren’t limited to just one color combo! So if you’re all about standing out this summer in comfortable fashion, consider easy pieces like a flowy hippie skirt with a cute tank top or a floral hair scarf to complement your tresses and bring forth a free spirited boho vibe. The key to embracing your zodiac sign’s signature flower through fashion is to make it look effortless. Because when you love what you’re wearing – it shows in your attitude!


Do you incorporate elements of your birthstone and/or birth flower into your outfits? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in a comment below!



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