A Goth Twist On Animal Print Fashion

A Goth Twist On Animal Print Fashion

Animal print fashion has been a staple in the fashion industry for decades. From leopard print coats to zebra print shoes, this trend has been popular for quite some time. But what about a more gothic take on animal print fashion? In this article, we'll explore how to incorporate animal prints into your wardrobe in a dark and edgy way. From leopard print bodysuits to snake print boots, you'll be sure to find something unique and inspiring to add to your closet. So let's get started and take a look at some of the best gothic animal print fashion ideas.

Goth Girls love to use animal imagery in their fashion choicesSource :

In the land of Goth fashion, taking a walk on the wild side does not always mean wearing a leopard print mini skirt. We much prefer the darker, more interesting creepy crawlies like spiders, snakes, and bats. When dealing with any type of print fashion, there is a fine line between style-forward and complete disaster. For the Goth version of animal print, we make sure to pair a bold wolf print tank with a more laid-back pair of black leather shorts.  An owl print dress and a bright red lip is a classic look that is also right on trend. If you are wondering how you can master the Goth version of animal print fashion, our quick guide will show you how to style your own animalistic outfit.

Run With the Wolves

Goth animal prints lean more towards wolves than leopardsSource : Emmanuel Ungaro - Paris Fall Fashion Week


Not only do we love seeing direwolves in Game of Thrones, we love seeing them in our wardrobe too! Wolf print fashion has graced the runways of Proenza Schouler, and also inspired activists like Stella McCartney to create grey wolf designs. A wolf crop-top and suspender shorts combine two top trends in one. Festival season is also here, and fringe detailing with looser silhouettes is a fashion must for outdoor concerts. A boxy wolf print fringed t-shirt and ripped up shorts will have you festival ready with style, and feeling the spirit of our beloved canines.


Mrs. Bright Side

Pastel Goth fashion uses unexpected animal prints in new colorsSource : Betsey Johnson New York Fashion Week


Pastel colors are always a favorite of ours, especially during spring and summer seasons. You can put a pastel Goth spin on your animal print by wearing it hues of pink, rather than the typical dark colors associated with the trend. You can find pink leopard or cheetah print for a traditional animal print look, but again our goal is to provide an alternative twist. To create a look that mixes patterns without it looking overwhelming, pair a bold lilac bat print top & cutout black leggings with bright galaxy print sneakers. A variation of this would be pastel spider print leggings with a low-back tank and bralette.   

The Animal Tamer

Embrace your Goth side and still stay on trend with animal printsSource : Betsey Johnson New York Fashion Week


You want to get a little wild, but still want to maintain an adult look. A well-constructed jacket can do wonders to pull in a printed look. An edgy but refined option is a black blazer with a snake-print romper and booties- yes, you can wear booties in summer months as long as they are cut-out or open-toe! Snake print leggings and comfy cardigans also offer a stylish balance. Symbolic snakes and elusive owls are extremely popular creatures with jewelry designers. So complete your look by wearing a choker or leather bracelet featuring a jeweled animal dangle.


It’s All in the Accessories

Goth jewelry often incorporates animal imagerySource: Deviantart


You don’t have to be covered in spots from head to toe in order to rock the trend. There are subtle ways to incorporate animal prints with accessories and jewelry instead of using tops and bottoms. There are so many ways to wear all black without looking boring, whether it is with an interesting silhouette or crazy texture. Adding in a gold snake earcuff, or black and white spider clutch, are ways to put even more interest into your outfit and stay on top of the trend.


Black Cats are a Goth Girl favoriteSource : Tumblr


In the realm of animal accessories, cat fashion is probably the fan favorite, which makes it very easy to shop for a variety of finishing touches. There are cute hats or headbands with kitty ears, ear cuffs with stacked kitties, and even tights with black cats on the knee or thighs . How many times have you seen a ring that features a siamese cat or a necklace that says "Meow"? These felines have been highly regarded in cultures throughout the ages, so why not harness your inner cat woman by incorporating a few of these accessories into your look. 

Do you mix Goth style and animal prints? Will you give it a try now? Leave your personal tips and feedback in the comment section below!

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