25 Bad Ass Outfit Ideas For Spring.

25 Bad Ass Outfit Ideas For Spring.

Spring is here and it's time to show off your style! Get inspired with these 25 bad ass outfit ideas that will make you look and feel confident. From cool streetwear to chic and modern looks, these looks will help you stand out from the crowd. Whether you're going out on the town or just want something unique for your everyday wardrobe, these outfit ideas will help you make a bold statement. Let's take a look at these awesome outfit ideas and get ready to make a statement this season!

Everywhere you look, flowers are blooming. It is time to examine our closets and decide what we need to round out our Spring wardrobes.

Spring Flowers
Photo courtesy of Mens Style Fashion

  1. Khaki Color is back.

We haven’t worn Khaki in what seems like years, but, it’s back in fashion and ready to be worn in your every day spring outfits. To stay on point with this fashion trend try this outfit on:

  1. A Khaki Grunge Dress.
  2. A flattering solid shrug or sweater.
  3. A belt at your waist.
  4. Gladiator sandals.​
  1. Metallics.

Gold, silver and bronze are all making a comeback in a large way this spring; but how do you create a bad ass outfit with this popular 2015 trend?

  1. A solid cami or a graphic tee.
  2. A pair of black skinny jeans.
  3. A metallic jacket or shrug.
  4. Pair it with metallic accented shoes and neutral accessories. 

Metallic Fashion for Spring
Find metallic fashion here

  1. Thigh High Dresses with Over Dresses.

Hem lines are getting shorter, but that doesn’t mean you have to be immodest about it when shooting for a badass outfit for spring. But, how do you achieve this look?

  1. An under dress or skirt that comes to mid-thigh or higher.
  2. A sheer over dress that has a longer hem line. Lace or sheer linen work well.
  3. Keep it monochrome. Make sure both top and bottom layers are within the same color family.
  4. Accessorize with color. Wear a brightly colored heel or jewelry to polish off this look.
  1. Waist Cincher Fashion.

Embellishing the smallest part of your body is one of the most badass fashion moves you can make. But, that is more the case with trending waist cincher fashion.

  1. Pick your layers. Choose a simple skirt or jeans and wear your corset as a top.
  2. Once you pick your base layers, pick out either a thin corset for an elegant line or a thicker waist cincher for a bolder look.
  3. Accessorize to play up the corset. Use complimentary colors to your cincher to draw attention to it.

Waist Cincher Corset Fashion
Find a variety of waist cinchers here

  1. Army Chic.

Whether you’re in the army or just like a little bit of edge, army inspired looks are in this spring.

  1. Camouflage is a staple. Choose the right tones for your skin when looking for a good piece.
  2. Accentuate the pattern with solids in complimentary colors with your accessories.
  3. A spiked or studded boot goes well with this badass outfit. 
  1. Strappy Heels and Gladiator Sandals.

It isn’t often that I’d tell you to center your outfit on shoes, but there’s nothing more badass than a gladiator or their sandals. These strappy sandals can easily be paired with a dress, skirts, or shorts. They stand out and can dominate a look. When dressing around your gladiator sandals, make sure to pair it with neutral accessories, and for a bold look, stick to a monochrome look.

  1. Sports Inspired.

Sports are popular, and in their own right, badass. But, there’s nothing more badass than a woman who’s secure enough to dress in sports inspired fashion when the trend hits the market this spring. Whether you’re dressing for football, baseball, or even if you want to take on a skater edge; it’s a great tomboy look that makes any woman look badass.

Badass Tomboys

  1. 90’s Necklines are back.

Neck lines are often times ignored when it comes to dressing for spring. Usually you’re thinking about the dress or the top that you want to add to your wardrobe and not the neckline style. But, this year 90’s necklines are back and are making a statement in a badass way. These classic and classy neck lines can easily be paired with chunky chokers or other accessories to liven them up.

  1. Fray the Edges.

Frayed edges and worn hems have been popular for years, and this spring 2015 is no exception. In fact, frayed shorts are all the rage when paired with an oversized sweater and cami for a hipster chic look.

  1. Puppet on a String.

Strings have made it to the top 25 list of must-have trends for spring fashion on New York Fashion week. And by strings, I mean anything with seemingly useless strands of cloth that hang and bob and weave as you move. These can be found in the form of dresses, shorts, skirts, or graphic tees that have been altered to have a visual interest with strings attached. Of course, pairing your fringe accented clothing with neutrals or other textures will be important.

String Fashion For Spring
Photo courtesy of Antoine Patton

  1. Bermuda shorts make a Comeback.

You may not need to vacation to the Bahamas to get this look, but you’ll feel like you’re vacationing when you add a trendy Bermuda short into your chic new look. Pair it with an oversized graphic T, tank top, or a flannel top and you’re ready to hit the streets in this casual look.

  1. Asian Flair with Kimonos.

Asian fashion is back in this spring, and that means that kimonos are all the rage. But, that doesn’t mean you have to wear a traditional kimono to have a badass outfit. In fact, there are kimono inspired dresses and tops that pair well with leggings or tights as well.

  1. Stripes are everywhere.

Stripes are a staple, but it seems that they are a huge focus this spring. While they’re intimidating at first, there is no reason to fear wearing stripes of all shapes and styles, especially when you treat them like a neutral. They can be paired with just about any outfit that you can think of and will help to create a cohesive and badass look.

Stripes are essential to nautical fashion
Nautical fashion is always popular in warm weather. Shop the looks here

  1. Polka Dots and Spots.

Spots and dots are everywhere with this classic print. Whether you want to rock it like a rockabilly or prefer to dress it down for a casual look; dots are in and can be worn in any aspect of your outfit. If you’re feeling a little bolder, try an all-over print dress. If you’re still a little too timid to go all out, pick up some polka dot accessories such as chunky bangles or a necklace.

  1. Beat the Rain With Ponchos.

Ponchos are a great way to get a boho chic look while out in the rain. Layering is a traditional and beloved way of dressing for spring, but trendy ponchos are a great way to create an overall badass look.

  1. Patchwork Princess.

Patches everywhere! Whether you’re creating a DIY project or prefer to purchase your outfit pre-made, patches are an amazing way to add a little flair to an already awesome outfit. Patchwork is a solid trend this spring.

Patchwork Fashion
Patchwork fashion or patches for DIY projects can be found here

  1. Monochrome Blacks.

While an all white outfit was in for the winter season, another trend-rocking fashion statement is a monochromatic black look. Take different textures, shades, and styles of black and layer it on thick for a badass and edgy look.

  1. Fringe Everywhere.

Fringe, you love to hate it or you love it without complaint. It can however be seen in this fashion line up for this spring. It has an interesting visual appearance that helps to create texture in just about any look. If you pair a fringe shrug over that sleek little black dress you’ve created a whole new edgy outfit that you can wear out on the town.

Spring and Summer Fashion Must Haves
Fringe fashion for warm weather can be found here  

  1. Crochet Couples.

Crochet isn’t for grandma anymore. These traditional looking outer layers are great for pairing with solids like t-shirts, skinny jeans, or dresses

Crochet vs Knitting

  1. Fest Girl.

Fests (short for Festivals) have become increasingly popular. It’s no wonder that Fest inspired clothing is now heading the charts on the must-have badass looks of the spring this year. Try a layered comfortable approach that you’d take while going to a concert.

Anything goes with festival fashion.
Anything goes with festival fashion. Feel free to get playful! Shop the looks here

  1. Floral is King.

Floral prints are a staple no matter the season, but bold and abstract floral prints are definitely in this year. From painteresque pansies to richly colored roses, layering an edgy floral dress with some leather accents is a great way to get a well balanced outfit.

  1. Denim Dreams.

Jeans, they’re a staple. But, denim isn’t just confined to the world of loose fitted, skinny, or boot cut. Denim is making a comeback in a big way with vests, skirts, and many other wardrobe staples that can be paired with just about any pattern or solid you can think of.

Denim for Spring
Mix in girlie touches like lace, pearls and heels to dress up your denim. Find these looks here 

  1. Trouser Suits.

Trouser suits are a great and edgy way to prove that you’re a strong and independent woman. Long gone are the days you have to wear a dress if you don’t want to, with these badass trouser suits you will show them who is boss.

  1. Suede.

Suede is an amazing fabric that offers a lot of play on texture. When paired with other textures such as glossy latex or supple leather it is truly set off to a new badass direction.

  1. Bohemian Glitz.

Bohemian fashion has been all the rage throughout the last couple of years and it appears that it’s here to stay. Think comfort when dressing in a bohemian way. Slouchy layers and relaxed fits. 

Boho Fashion for Spring
Find Bohemian fashion here

Main photo courtesy of SteampunK One

What do you think?  Will you be trying any of these fashion ideas for Spring?  Leave your comments below!

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