Zodiac Style Guides: Scorpio

Zodiac Style Guides: Scorpio

Are you a Scorpio looking to express your style and personality? Look no further! We have compiled a comprehensive guide to help you create a wardrobe and overall look that reflects your unique zodiac sign. From choosing the right colors and accessories to picking out the perfect outfits, this guide has everything you need to make a statement that is totally you.

Scorpio: October 24th- November 22nd. Your birthday is coming up!

If you're looking for the perfect b-day outfit, start here to find out how to dress for your zodiac sign. There may be several style traits that relate to your sign that you never even thought about before! 

A little background on Scorpios? They are passionate people and know what they want, so let that show through in your clothing! Since Pluto is the planet of transformation and the ruler of this zodiac sign, you are always aware of what's going on around you. Scorpios are known by their calm and cool behavior, and by their mysterious appearance. These personality traits are surprisingly relevant when it comes to your taste in clothing and accessories!


1. Your Best Colors to Wear Are In The Red Family.

Zodiac Style Guide for Scorpios - Must Have Red


The red family: deep red, burgundy, oxblood, scarlet, and maroon are the colors that you look best and feel best in. You tend to wear lots of neutrals like black, beige, and earthy tones and not a lot of bright colors. As far as color preferences go, Scorpios are very similar to their adjoining zodiac, Libra. You can spice up your wardrobe with color by incorporating simple additions of brighter shades. Stay within the realm of colors in your comfort zone and then add pops of bright red, orange, and other warm tones for contrast. Look for unique bright colored details in bag embroidery or shoe embellishments that will add just the right amount of interest to your outfit.  


2. You Prefer Minimalist Clothing and Accessories.

Minimalist Fashion is perfect for Scorpios.


While it's important to be unique and yourself, you often don't want your style to stick out. Unless everyone else is wearing something completely out of the box, you pretty much won't be caught dead in it. Since Scorpios typically aren't trend setters, you can still make each style your own with a variety of shoes and accessories. Try belting a top or adding embellishments like patches, buttons, and DIY pearl accents to jackets for a new take on a trend.


3. It's Okay To Splurge on Fashion Basics.

Splurge on Style - Scorpio's guide to zodiac fashion


There, I said it. Since basics are usually what you live in, it's okay to feel like you're spending more money on them. The best thing about owning good quality basic pieces is that you can have them for a long time and make so many different outfits out of each piece. Most basics are classic staples, meaning that they don't really go out of style. Invest in some great t- shirts, classic jackets, and quality jeans that you can customize with different jewelry and scarves worn creatively


4. You have a Seriously Sexy Alter- Ego.

Stay Sexy Scorpios - Zodiac Fashion Guide

Do The Hotpants


You wear basics most of the time, but any other time you're wow-ing the crowd in a mysterious and sultry outfit. Let yourself explore the more exotic side of your fashion taste with bodycon dresses, strappy heels, leather corsets, and bodysuits. Body-hugging silhouettes are perfect for a night out dancing with your friends, or just any day that you feel like strutting your stuff.


5. You're All About Mystery and Dark Glamour.

Embrace Scorpio's mysterious side with the zodiac style guide.
Style Motivation


Are you secretly a vampire? Probably. With your love of rich colors, sultry silhouettes, and mysterious makeup, it's no wonder Halloween falls during your zodiac! Gravitate toward chains, buckles, spikes and studs to add a dark, edgy twist to each outfit. To coincide with your zodiac's mysterious side and incorporate the colors of the fall season, try deep red and black lipsticks and dark smokey eye makeup to switch up your beauty routine.  



6. Animal Prints Have Your Name Written All Over Them.

Scorpio style guide
Style Carrot


Animal prints go hand in hand with your sultry side and can add a wild touch to your look. If you want to choose an animal print that flows with your neutral colored clothing, go for an understated cheetah print or a deep brown snakeskin pattern. Sometimes, an animal patterned top or bottoms can be a little out of your comfort zone. If you want to keep your outfit simple, you can add these exotic touches in a tote bag or a scarf. For a bolder look, try zebra stripes or go a bit more eccentric with a goth inspired animal pattern.

Once you have an animal print, you can keep the other elements of your outfit toned down with solid colors. This will let the animal printed garment be the star of the show, and it's the best way to know that your outfit isn't overwhelmingly busy.


Do you think these Scorpio fashion traits are accurate? Let us know in the comments below!


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