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How to Dress For Your Zodiac Sign

How to Dress For Your Zodiac Sign

No matter what your star sign, you can use your zodiac sign to help you choose the perfect outfit for any occasion. From the colors and fabrics that will bring you good luck, to the silhouettes and accessories that will match your unique personality, learn how to dress for your zodiac sign.

There are many different ways to pick an outfit, but one of my personal favorite is to go by my zodiac sign. While the zodiac doesn’t always completely hold true to everyone; could be somewhat mystical, it is a good place to start when it comes to finding your fashion personality.

1.) Aries.

Bright, confident and radiant, Aries should wear bright colors that will pack a punch such as bright reds, blues, greens, or any other bold color. Due to their natural born confidence, there is very little that an Aries can’t wear, try new trends and put your own spin on them with bold accessories and off the cuff silhouettes.

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2.) Taurus.

Quality is paramount to a Taurus’s nature. They will usually gravitate toward blues, earth tones, and neutral colors. This zodiac sign will usually pick their wardrobe based off of fine craftsmanship rather than labels. Taurus should invest in time-old traditional pieces like the little black dress that won’t go out of style next year.



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3.) Gemini.

Bright, chipper, and always the focus of the room, Gemini will usually gravitate toward brighter colors such as yellows, oranges, and magenta. Their wardrobe may seem a little all over the place due to the duality of the twins, but with that being said, they’re best bet is to find the classic staples to pair with a not so tame accessory.

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4.) Cancer.

Cancer isn’t huge on taking risks; they will prefer to stay safe with shades like white, silver, or pastels. Cancers will always want to look pulled together and ladylike. Vintage clothing and retro accessories will always pair well with a cancer.

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5.) Leo.

Leos have a flair for the dramatic. They have a luxurious taste and will demand bold looks. Colors such as red, gold, and black will help to boost their stunning designer label looks.

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6.) Virgo.

Tidy has nothing on a virgo, making it absolutely necessary for virgo to look their best at all times. They will lean on the classic black and white combination with earthy tones thrown in for a little bit of an accent. They may want to look for bold patterns such as stripes or chevrons to go with their tailored look.

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7.) Libra.

Pink, blue, and white, Libras are lovers of beauty and style. They will often times indulge in luxurious fabrics like cashmere and silk. They are cool, classic, and feminine. They should have a dress for just about any occasion.

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8.) Scorpio.

Daring and often cool as a cucumber, Scorpio will feel best in deep blues, reds, plums, and black. They have a knack for making rich colors look their best. They are known for their mystery and sex appeal, which means they will always rock a pencil skirt with a slit at the side or knee high boots.

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9.) Sagittarius.

Comfort is absolutely key with Sagittarius. They will lean toward colors such as peach, white, beige and pair it with a good jean any day of the week. They like unrestrictive dresses and soft throw-on blouses.

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10.) Capricorn.

Capricorns are all about sophistication and making it look absolutely effortless. They should lean toward tailored pieces such as blazers and trousers. Luxurious fabrics in colors such as indigo, green, and black will always suite a Capricorn’s personality as well.

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11.) Aquarius.

The sign that loves experimentation, sheer maxi skirts and eccentric designs are a great way to reflect their up for anything nature. Some colors they should try on for size are electric blues, turquoise, violet, or any bright and vibrant color such as red.

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12.) Pisces.

Pisces are known for romance, for this reason it is always a great idea to draw this romantic personality into your wardrobe. With feminine silhouettes with shimmering soft fabrics they can take on the world. Colors that suit Pisces well are softer colors like lavender, pink, pale blue, and sea foam green.

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