Kawaii Clothing

Odds are, you’ve probably seen kawaii style online before- but what is it? Kawaii means “cute” in Japanese. It’s a popular fashion style among older teens in Japan that is steadily emerging throughout the rest of the world. Kawaii clothing is cute, colorful, playful, and kid- like. Overall, kawaii is a fun, Japanese- influenced style that will surely make you stand out. So, what exactly falls under the category of kawaii clothing? We’re talking bright leggings and tights, ruffled skirts and dresses, cute and fuzzy accessories, mismatched bold patterns and prints, pastel colors, and everything that has frills, ruffles, and pleats. Kawaii clothes have a form-fitting silhouette but usually, aren’t revealing.

Graphic tops and sweatshirts are popular in this Japanese clothing style, typically when decorated with popular anime characters. Think Sailor Moon, unicorns, and lots of cats, bunnies, and pandas. One cute outfit idea for kawaii Japanese clothing is to pair a kawaii dress with ruffle thigh- high socks, ankle boots, and animal- inspired accessories like panda cross- body bags, cat backpacks, cat gloves, and animal jewelry. Since kawaii clothing is meant to be childish and fun, don’t be afraid to over- accessorize and add lots of colors, prints, and designs to your outfits. Decorate your accessories with bows, ribbons, and cute buttons. Shop an amazing variety of kawaii clothing and kawaii dresses on our kawaii online store- you won’t be disappointed!