Bunny Costumes

Put some bounce in your step this Halloween with bunny costumes. There is so much to love about these adorable little fluffballs! First of all, their fur is super soft, and we can't get enough of their little pink noses. If you are also fascinated with these adorable creatures, why not dress as one in our unique cosplay attires? You will love wiggling your fuzzy poof of a tail as you hop from place to place. You will also love having paws, nibbling on carrots, and twitching your pointy ears. Hop to our collection today and discover the styles that we have for you.

Bunnies enjoy a pretty wide range of admiration in pop culture, from the comedic Roger Rabbit on tv shows to the voluptuous Playboy characters. There are even creepy ones, too, like Frank the Bunny from Donnie Darko. There is a garment for everyone, whether you're into the cute and cuddly or the creepy kind. Shop for kids’ and adults’ attires from Loony Tunes to the simple Winnie the Pooh cartoon that has grabbed your attention; we are sure you’ll look like one of them in our Halloween collection. Find some affordable onesies, jumpsuits, and mascot costumes at RebelsMarket and dress up like one for the next October 31st party.

Easter bunny costume

Become the cheerful character who loves to give out eggs this Halloween. Easter bunnies are not the same as the others; they are usually white, making them look even more beautiful. Some people prefer wearing a jacket and a bow, whereas others rely on the pink belly and pointy ears to represent the original rabbit. Pick out the style that you like in our animal Halloween collection. We have garments available for men, women, and kids. You will love our soft, comfortable rabbit outfits, perfect for spring photo-ops and Halloween festivities. The collection includes both onesies and mascot suits, so you are ready to look the part at any gathering. 

Playboy costume

Do you picture a woman wearing pointy ears, thigh-high stockings, and stilettos? If so, then check out our burlesque cosplay looks for some of the sexiest Playboy costumes. The burlesque collection features different bondage looks that are fit for a day in the Playboy mansion. It's a different take on these fluffy creatures, but it's sure to make you "some bunny" special. Shop for the strapless corset bodysuit for women with rabbit ears as the head accessory. You’ll look super stunning this Halloween and be ready to attend high-profile events in an effortless outfit. Imagine dressing up in the playboy bodysuit and attending the craziest Halloween parties worldwide with your friends. Yes, you have it right. You are going to have fun!

Lola costume

Lola is a cartoon character from the 80s, Looney Tunes, that was curvy, flirty, and a hell of a basketball player! Lola embodies the classic girl-next-door fantasy that made the tv show enjoyable to watch and manages to make you forget that she is technically a rabbit. So if you want to be the vivacious character from the 80s this Halloween, check out the attire in our anime collection for women and girls. Be the character that sways the crowd at the party dressed in a revealing basketball outfit straight from the cartoon. Lola also needs you to follow her specific hairstyle too for creating the right look. So, make sure you grab the attire today and turn heads at the party.  

Bugs bunny costume

We had been talking about Loony Tunes; it’s the favorite wise-cracking "wascally wabbit!" If you've always had a soft spot for the super chill yet hysterical gray hare, why not dress like the one and only Bugs Bunny for Halloween? Grey color with a wicked look on the face makes it a character to look out for on October 31st. His popularity during the 1940s led to his becoming an American cultural icon, and a corporate mascot of the Warner Bros. You can get a complete mask and dress combo to look like the character from tv. If you are going for slightly scary and cheeky, you can get the attire in our collection today. 

Pink bunny costume

If you're a lover of white cottontails and floppy rabbit ears, then you are most likely jealous of Ralphie because he was gifted the pink footie pajamas by Aunt Clara from the Christmas Story movie. The pink rabbit looks cute from its name, doesn't it? So, imagine how cool it would look on you for Halloween. Super amazing, we guess. Relive the Christmas Story movie this Halloween with the pink onesie that is sure to make you the cute bunny in the neighborhood. You can buy the pink jumpsuit for Halloween and be the sensation at the party looking all blushed out. You will feel like a kid on Christmas morning when this onesie arrives at your door.  

Energizer bunny costume

Do you remember the Energizer advertisement with a bunny in it? If you do, you know how cool it looks with the shades and drum set and is different from the other characters. The Energizer character is the marketing icon and mascot of Energizer batteries in North America. It is a pink mechanical toy rabbit wearing sunglasses with blue and black striped flip-flops that beats a bass drum bearing the company logo. The energizer jumpsuit has a specialty that would make you instantly cool at the party. Find the logo or other cosplay accessories and props like the drum to let others know that you are the coolest guy in the room.

Do you revel in rabbits or go bananas for bunnies? Those big ears, wiggling noses, and adorable hops can melt anyone’s heart. Whether you want to celebrate at the parade or simply dress up as your favorite furry animal for Halloween, our collection of bunny costumes will have you shaking your tail with delight. Add some magic to the party today. Shop at RebelsMarket and enjoy 10% OFF your first order. Worldwide shipping is available!


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