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Steff Green

Steff Green

I’m Steff Metal, the writer behind Gothic Wedding Planner. I’ve been crazy about gothic and alternative weddings ever since I planned my own in 2008, and I love finding dark and delicious wedding inspiration to share with you. I’m a vision-impaired writer living in New Zealand with my cantankerous drummer husband and our medieval sword collection.By day, I ghost blog and create marketing copy for alternative business and write articles about art, fashion and music, and at night, I tear up the mosh pit at my local metal bar. My life is dominated by travel, writing, music and the eternal quest for the perfect sausage roll.

Latest from Steff Green

Spirit Life: Learn how to read Palms

Steff Green August 09, 2013
How to Read Your Palms

Palm reading is a well known form of fortune telling. Here is an overview of Palmistry, from history to examining your own future!

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Inspired by: Cleopatra of Egypt

Steff Green August 07, 2013
Inspired By: Cleopatra Of Egypt


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History Lesson: Cleopatra of Egypt

Steff Green August 06, 2013
History Of Cleopatra Of Egypt

Many myths abound about Ceopatra, the last queen of Egypt. Some say she was the most beautiful woman that ever lived, that she bathed in the milk of asps, but few know the truth about her remarkable life.

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Tips for Styling Vintage Rock Tees

Steff Green July 30, 2013
Tips For Styling Vintage Rock Tees

Learn how to dress your vintage rock tees by reading this article. You will know how to rock up your vintage rock band tees and look badass.

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Top 4 Day of the Dead Skull Bags and Purses Stores at RebelsMarket

Steff Green July 29, 2013
Top 4 Day Of the Dead Skull Bags And Purses Stores At RebelsMarket

Amazing collection of day of the dead inspired handbags and purses. Enjoy shopping and discovering Dia de los Muertos edgy items

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Styling Tips: How To Choose the Right Gothic Choker For You

Steff Green July 27, 2013
How To Find the Right Gothic Choker

Discover how to style a gothic choker on this article. From choosing the best choker to buy to tips on how to measure your neck, you will learn all you need to know on gothic chokers.

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Spooky Travel: The Goth Guide to London

Steff Green July 26, 2013
Goth tour Of London

This week we stop off in London, the home of the Gothic subculture. From the early days at The Bat Cave club, where Bauhaus and the Sisters of Mercy played the first ever goth shows, to the vibrant city of today, where England's alternative culture mixes with some of the most unusual museums and sights in the world.

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Top 13 Victorian Inspired Earrings on RebelsMarket

Steff Green July 23, 2013
13 Of The Best Steampunk Earrings On RebelsMarket

See 25 of the best, brightest, most innovative and quirky steampunk earrings, ear plugs and ear cuffs on RebelsMarket.

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History Lesson: The Boozy History of the hip flask

Steff Green July 15, 2013
The History Of Hip Flasks

Hip flasks are among the most popular items on Rebels Market, and for good reason. Today, we're talking about the history of hip flasks, and giving you a few of our favorites from our Rebel's Market stores.

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Spirit Life: The Ouija Board

Steff Green July 10, 2013
The History Of the Ouija Board

In our new Spirit Life column, we delve into the history of the Ouija board, learn how the board works and try to answer the question: Are you really talking to spirits?

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Incredible Artist to sell their creative artwork, fine art & paintings on RM

Steff Green July 05, 2013
Incredible Artist to sell their Creative Artwork, Fine Art & Paintings On RM

There are so many talented artists in all mediums selling their work on Rebels Market; we want to highlight them on the blog with "Artist Spotlight". This week, we delve into the world of Krimson Artworks, the Scotland-based studio of artist Kimberley Simpson.

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RebelsMarket Guide to Your First Metal Concert

Steff Green April 20, 2013
RebelsMarket Guide to Your First Metal Concert

First metal concert Tips & Tricks. What you should and should not do in your first metal concert

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How To Create The Perfect Pin-up Hair

Steff Green April 20, 2013
How To Create The Perfect Pin-Up Hair

Looking to find the perfect hairstyle for a special occasion? Check out this article to learn 5 of the coolest Pin-up hairstyles to date!

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