Alchemy Of England

In 1977, the first steps to creating unique gifts, jewelry, and other niche alternative products began for two self-taught model makers, artists, and designers. Geoff Kayson and Trevor Phillipson from Manchester, England joined forces to start creating a range of unique products to sell. Their designs were received well by jewelry lovers who were looking for something different, edgy, and fun. 

Little did they know that their dream would grow into the world-renowned name brand “Alchemy England 1977” also known as Alchemy of England that has crossed borders from England into the United States, bringing their alternative styles closer to their state-side customers who wanted to bring their jewelry and home decor without having to pay international prices. 

Their main factory and Headquarters located in Leicestershire, England, is where all of their exclusive gifts and jewelry are meticulously handcrafted and perfected to the high quality that their customers have come to expect. However, they have since branched out to include an American distribution office that is located deep in the heart of Fort Worth, Texas, allowing them to ship direct to customers in the United States.

Alchemy of England has attributed their initial growth to their “mom and pop” resellers who have aided in giving them the leg-up that they needed to become such a go-to for high-quality necklaces, bracelets, rings, and décor. They have now teamed up with RebelsMarket to bring you the full collection of Alchemy England 1977 catalog at affordable prices.

Each intricate design made with love, whether it is a skull or Ouija pendant, infinity choker, raven necklace, or alchemy inspired ring, each jewelry piece is made of the highest quality materials and is built to last.

Every piece of Alchemy of England jewelry is a conversation piece that is perfect for every occasion. Stylish prom jewelry, extra sparkle for your night out on the town, or even a bold statement piece that will get you noticed at the office.

If jewelry isn’t your thing, Alchemy still has you covered! You can find a wide range of alternative style coasters, glassware, Viking tankards, occult cutting boards, art prints, and unique knick-knacks that fits any alternative taste right here on RebelsMarket. The sky indeed is the limit when Alchemy of England has set out to provide cool niche products to those who want something a little different. 

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