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If you’re looking for shoes to showcase your edgy, defiant, and nonconforming alternative style, you’ve come to the right place. The Demonia brand of footwear from Pleaser USA does exactly that.

Based in Southern California, Pleaser USA was founded in 1993 and has been a leader in the alternative footwear industry ever since. Demonia is just one of Pleaser USA’s many brands, each of which specializes in a different area of alternative and subculture footwear.

Demonia caters to the edgiest among them, with Demonia shoes for women and men across a wide variety of the edgiest and most rebellious subcultures, from punk to goth to emo and more.

RebelsMarket is proud to carry Pleaser USA and Demonia shoes online, because like us, Pleaser USA and Demonia love your alternative style and understand that it’s important to you.

That’s why RebelsMarket carries Demonia shoes in all types and styles, from sneakers to flatforms and from high heels to combat boots. You can find it all right here on the RebelsMarket official site.

Demonia platforms and creepers and Demonia high heels are perfect for adding an extra injection of edge (and a few extra inches) to both men and women’s badass looks, but Demonia also has plenty of killer flat soled options.

Demonia’s high heel selection includes heels of all types, like wedges, stilettos, block heels, kitten heels, and comma heels.

Demonia also has shoes with all of your favorite badass accents.

For a classic goth look, opt for accents like lace, velvet, ribbon, and corseting, but for a cybergoth or cyberpunk clothes opt for one of Demonia’s footwear options with transparent vinyl, UV and neon elements, and digital inspired prints.

Those who enjoy occult style will like Demonia’s shoes with cross and pentagram embellishments, and steampunk lovers will adore the many options with pinstripes and gear accents.

Accents like skeletons, skulls, spider webs, and bats will appeal to those who love horror fashion, while punks will love metal heels, caged boots, and stars.

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Demonia also has shoes with accents and embellishments that will appeal to both men and women across a wide variety of subcultures and personal tastes.

Bold hardwear elements like buckles, spikes, chains, and locks are well loved across edgy and alternative fashion types, as are plaid and checkered patterns.

Other embellishments and accents common across a wide variety of subcultures include leather straps, animal print, fringe, and patchwork leather.

Get a softer and cuter, but still badass and edgy look with Demonia high heels with more feminine elements like ribbons and bows, hearts, ruffle accents, and floral prints.

Want something that makes a bigger statement? Try Demonia platforms with contrasting materials, colors, or prints, or maybe some monster shoes with fur and eyes.

Still not enough? How about Demonia shoes made of metallic, glittery, iridescent, UV, or even translucent or transparent material? Pretty awesome, right?

If those bold finishes aren’t your thing, don’t worry. Demonia also has plenty of styles in suede, smooth leather, and patent leather.

Demonia at RebelsMarket has all these styles and more across their selection of boots, sneakers, slides, creepers, mary janes, oxford, and flats, and is ready to deliver them right to your door.

Demonia is just one of the many badass alternative brands that we at RebelsMarket are very proud to be able to offer to our customers. In addition to Demonia, RebelsMarket also carries other brands from Pleaser USA, Pin Up Couture, Funtasma, and Devious.

Shop RebelsMarket today to get an awesome selection of alternative shoes and other apparel from great brands like Demonia. And we ship worldwide, so we have you covered with all of your favorite edgy styles no matter where on the globe you live.