Belly Button Rings

Buy cute looking belly button and naval rings made of surgical steel, 316L Implant Grade Surgical Steel, titanium, sterling silver, BioFlex and gold. Show off your sexy belly with our affordable unique collection of belly button jewelry.  Our designs are perfect for your outfit. If you have some tattoos that you would like to show off, some albs or and baby bump our belly button rings will definately live upto your expectations. We ship worldwide.



About Naval & Belly Button Rings

As the hot season checks in, your summer wear allows you to show more skin and your jewelry is bound to stand out more. Your navel piercing needs an outstanding belly ring that will boost your confidence and looks when rocking crop tops and high-low tops. 

Types of navel rings

Barbell: If you have a new belly button piercing, you should opt for unembellished barbell or a banana barbell. The simplicity of this barbell is perfect for anyone who engages in lots of physical activity, and since there are no extra chains, dangles or charms to get snagged, there is no risk of breakage or discomfort. 

Dangle: These hang down from either the top or bottom ball. The decorative dangling items attached to these standard banana barbells will add a fashionable touch to your style. 

Spiral: It is best suited for special events or short term daily wear, where they provide a fun and interesting look. 

Horseshoe: It is a circular post with balls on both ends and forms a horseshoe shape. Different color options are available as well as various shapes for the ends.

Top mount or top dangle: these are best suited for those fashionistas who have the bottom rim of their belly button pierced. These jewelry pieces are specifically designed with the decoration or dangling charms attached at the top rather than the bottom of the belly button.