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Synthetic Full Lace & Costume Wigs

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Nothing pulls an outfit together quite like a stunning hairstyle. Bright colored hairstyles are part of alternative fashion, whether it’s the bright and bold colors commonly seen in punk rock fashion, or the more subtle hair colors of pastel goth styles.

Either way, great hair can totally make or break a look! If you don't want to dye your hair, or you want to add instant length to short hair, then a synthetic wig could be the answer. We stock a wide variety of synthetic wigs at fantastic prices - from long colorful ombre synthetic wigs right through to more natural styles.

Synthetic full lace wigs are a great addition to your wardrobe because they allow you to change up your style instantly. Add an injection of color to gothic outfits with pastel wigs, or give your Steampunk wardrobe a makeover with a long hairstyle that can be coiled and quaffed to suit your look.

We are proud to offer a wide variety of wigs here at RebelsMarket. Our selection is diverse because we source the best synthetic wigs from fashion retailers worldwide. This means that when you shop with us, you are shopping the best trends available. We take the hard work out of buying synthetic wigs online because we source the best styles all in one place.

We don’t discriminate when it comes to price either. We have synthetic wigs at great prices, along with all the hair accessories you need to create a fresh new look. Shop our selection of wigs and hairpieces now! We are confident you’ll find something that you love.


How to Style a Synthetic & Costume Wigs

Synthetic wigs are different from other hairpieces. They require different care and attention to hair extensions and human hair weaves. For example, when you style synthetic lace front wigs, you will need to keep heat styling to a minimum. This is because heat can damage the synthetic fibers and lace of the wig.

Even though you need to be careful with heat styling, there are also certain benefits to synthetic wigs over other wig styles. Since synthetic wigs are non-natural, they can be made in striking and vibrant colors - much brighter than natural hair. Hot pink and deep green, as well as bright blue wigs, are popular options. Synthetic wigs are also a lot shinier than real hair, so if you are going for a full-on alternative style like cyberpunk clothing or burlesque then an artificial wig is the way to go.

Style synthetic wigs with retro hair accessories such as a headband, or twisted up with some hairpins and a fascinator for a stunning up-do. This look goes great with pinup style dresses, as well as relaxed Boho looks. If your synthetic wig is a more subtle color or a pastel shade, then you can create a striking contrast by opting for dark steampunk hair accessories and wear it with punk style dresses or a gothic top. A gothic headband in black or deep blue will go great with a long colorful ombre synthetic wig.

Another great thing about synthetic wigs is that you can style them before you wear them. This makes styling your hair a much more manageable task, especially if you are creating plaits and twists. You can style the back of a synthetic wig with ease, and make sure that everything is symmetrical because you can view it from all angles before you put it on.

And when it comes to caring for a synthetic wig, you will find that it is easy. You can simply brush out your wig with a non-wire brush, and store it on top of a hat stand, or laid flat in a drawer ready for the next time you wear it.

Synthetic wigs are a great beauty-enhancing accessory for all alternative styles and subcultures. Whether you want a wig for a costume party, cosplay, or something you can wear as part of your daily looks - a synthetic wig is an instant fashion statement. Shop our collection of synthetic wigs now, and see how you can add a fresh new look to your alternative wardrobe.