Gothic Art

Are you an art addict looking for unique and out of the mainstream artwork to match your personality? Rebels Market Goth art collection is bound to leave you spoilt for choice with thrilling goth art pieces. Embrace medieval themes, and nature painted in iconic mind blowing artwork. Define your mysterious and daring personality by embracing a gothic theme in your surroundings with art involving angels, nature, animals, blood, and ghosts. Gothic characteristics premiered in architecture during the middle ages where most of the world’s greatest churches and cathedrals were built in gothic style. Aspects of goth are mainly influenced by Edwardian Era, Medieval era, romance and darkness. The trends have seen dark themes in goth fashion and artwork being embraced my multitudes, tailoring each item to a personalized style.


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Distinctive Goth Art

Tall Cathedrals featuring doors, columns, entrances and walls curved with figures from Bible scenes, with stained glass windows that allow the sun rays to bathe the wood, marble and masonry in style. One of the examples of the beauty that is Goth Art. Gothic style has become widespread throughout Europe and in history could be found in smaller churches, houses, castles, sculptures and decorative art depicting gothic characteristics. Indulge in a style that has been embraced from one centery to another and still maintains relevance, and deep attached meanings. The earliest style known as Romanesque, a style of the Roman Empire, was the foundation of Gothic architecture. With Goths overrunning the Roman Empire, the people of Renaissance borrowed the word Gothic, thinking that Goths had brought this style with them. The flying buttress, ribbed vault and pointed arch are the typical architectural features of the Gothic Style. Romanesque art yielded Gothic art, a style of the Medieval art that sprung up in the 12th Century due to the development of Gothic architecture. Figurative gothic artprints have developed in different paces, and the primary media in the Gothic era includes panel painting, sculpture, fresco, stained glass and illuminated manuscripts. Monumental sculptures on walls of Cathedrals and Abbeys are the earliest Gothic art, where Christians display stories of the New Testament and Old Testament Side by side. Goth photography of the Virgin Mary portray an iconic form of an aristocratic courtly lady cuddling her infant swaying form her hips in an affectionate manner. The money based economy has led to proliferation of paintings and illuminated manuscripts that result in the up-spring of secular themes in goth art. Interesting designs of shapes in nature are painted in gothic themes to yield out of the ordinary art work. Get to sample the finest Goth artwork of this century that are trending yet unique, thanks to Rebel’s Market wide selection that is sure to satisfy diverse tastes and preferences.