Gothic Bedding

Turn your bedroom in a sanctum of comfort and edginess with our incredible array of gothic bedding at RebelsMarket. Your bedroom is one of the most personal spaces in your home because you spend a lot of time there and lay down to rest. Why not put in high-quality beddings that will transform your bedroom into a gothic-inspired paradise. Get your affordable gothic bedding sets today and join in on the fun.

Goth fashion is a mysterious and dark style that has remained resilient and relevant over the decades. It’s no wonder so many people are familiar with and enjoy the aesthetic given its eccentric designs and dark concepts. Embracing this mysterious aesthetic tends to make one feel powerful. It is a symbol that one can conquer what they fear and are one with your fears. Beyond that, this style makes for pretty badass outfits and beautiful gothic home decor. So get your bedding and revamp your room to a great one.

Having a place to sleep is an essential part of surviving. However, you can turn your necessity into luxury with our high-quality beddings. Are you looking for a warm and cozy sleep? Then gothic comforters are just the ticket to get you sleeping sound. Are you tired of drab old pillowcases and want to lay your head on fantastic artwork? Then these gothic pillowcases are the right choice for you. If you are tired of sleeping on plain boring sheets and want to liven up your bedroom with some that are soft and graphic, gothic bed sheets are the solution to easing your troubles. 

Exciting features of gothic bedding 


One thing that is guaranteed by having these bed linen is the comfort that it offers. What makes this linen more comfortable is the materials used in them. Blankets, for instance, are what we use to wrap ourselves while sleeping, both for warmth and safety. Our collection of gothic blankets are made from excellent fabric to enhance these qualities of safety and warmth. The same fabric applies to some comforters and duvets.

Polyester is a solid and durable fabric that makes for excellent linen. Our linen features microfiber polyester that is soft to the touch and has an excellent feel. As you enjoy bedroom pieces such as gothic quilt covers, decorate other areas of your house like the kitchen with gothic kitchen accessories such as gothic goblets. 

Cotton is another quality fabric used in our linen. Cotton has the unique advantage of being hypoallergenic as it is a natural fiber and is more breathable. The resulting items made from this fabric, such as duvet covers, end up being more comfortable and durable. Enjoy fantastic gothic duvet covers that offer you the chance of a good night’s sleep. 

Dark art

A significant aspect of the gothic bedspread is the dark aesthetics featured on them. By dark, we mean graphics that remind you of death and evil creatures like the ‘Grim Reaper.’ It is hard to imagine light without there being darkness, good without there being evil. Without something to compare them to or contrast to set them apart, it would be hard for each of these concepts to exist independently. What sets apart this collection of gothic bedding sets is the stunning detail that they come in. 

Get yourself a black skull duvet with vivid details that will have you transfixed by how great it looks. Some of our gothic duvets come printed on both sides, while others are printed on one side; the choice is yours to decide what to pick. If you are into something darker, get our ouija board blankets that have an eerie tarot aesthetic. The fun goes on with our 3D printed dragon bed cover that is gorgeous and comfortable. The dark feel doesn’t have to stop at the bedroom; we have gothic bathroom accessories you can consider to give you space the ultimate eerie vibe.


It would be unfair to have you order different bed linen to complete a set. For this reason, we offer gothic bedding sets. When you order some blankets or comforters, they come with pillowcases or bedsheets to match the place. They have the added advantage of coming in different sizes for various beds. For those who have a large bed, then check out our lovely gothic king-size bedding. For those who enjoy the privacy of a single bed, then a suitable option for you to pick is gothic single bedding.

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