Men’s Goth Belts

Are you shopping for eye-catching and mystical goth belts to add dark elements to your gothic clothing? Perhaps you have an interest in collecting unique gothic buckles and would like to upgrade your collection with new items. If you are in search of cool merch to revamp your closet, RebelsMarket has antique belts and buckles to captivate your fashion taste. Find a great selection of belts plus other goth accessories like hats and bags to spice up your clothing. 

The craftsmanship of a quality gothic leather belt comes down to the details. Designs and materials used in the making of belts have changed over the years, but the functionality of holding garments has remained. Buckles play a big role in adding the extra touch of sophistication to men’s goth clothing. The decorative nature of gothic belt buckles is as old as the accessory, with bigger and better designs making their way into the alternative scene. Spot your favorite ornament among our wide selection of diverse gothic belts for men for a style switch-up, and grow your antique closet with artistic designs. 

Shopping for gothic design belts can cost you dimes and eat into your pocket. Fortunately, RebelsMarket partners with various indie stores to bring you affordable merchandise made of high-quality designs. Get creepy skull buckles from the skull fashion collection, designed in macabre images and skeletal frameworks for thrilling looks. If you love witch designs and occult looks with pentagram engraving and ouija board prints, find cool designs from our online store to complete a dark outfit. 

Must-have gothic belts you should consider buying

There is a wide range of antique designer belts to look out for when shopping in the men’s gothic accessories section. Find simple patterns like a plain leather belt or chunky buckles with bold prints to add to your wardrobe. 

We have a collection of gothic belts with chains to shop for. Have your desired gothic pants for men and a button-down shirt look be accentuated with an edgy chain belt to complete the outfit. Go for the buckle closure chain belt with a fine finish of multi-layered chains to effortlessly accessorize any garb you have on. Also, buy waist chains that will embellish your outfit rather than hold the garment. Shop for a variety of styles like the bronze double chains or the sword multilayer design, depending on your preference. We also offer gothic belt straps in a leather material with detailed studs to add to your list.

How about you purchase a gothic skull belt with crazy skull designs to upgrade your dark look? Look out for bold sashes like the smooth skull head or the inlaid hand-painted onyx belt. Discover unique skulls and crossbones buckles to match your style. Find the skull helmet with spanners design, a great accessory when pairing a graphic men’s gothic t-shirt with fitting jeans. The collection also has an elastic gothic belt with a sacred heart and roses design to add elegance to your look.

Are you into waist belts? RebelsMarket has stocked pieces to check out. Get an embroidered lace-up belt to give you a sophisticated look with a tucked in jacquard gothic shirt and fancy formal shoes. Browse through our section of gothic corset belts for different options to complete a masquerade ball outfit. If you have an eye for vintage girdles, we have a collection of gothic girdles to include in your look, like the metal clasps design in a criss-cross pattern, a stylish accessory for festivals. 

How would you like to add a few gothic cross belts to your wardrobe? Get a cross design belt with a double chain, ideal for styling a pair of men’s urban jeans and a simple t-shirt. We also have a gothic rivet belt with simple bullet designs and made of Pu leather that you might like. Find a unique decorative belt that you can wear on top of a t-shirt or as a stand-alone for a burlesque outfit. 

If you are looking for other kinds of styles, shop for a gothic shoulder belt in intricate detailing, like an adjustable armor belt with buckles and studs or a leather strap armband. Complete your festival look with shoulder straps for an edgy touch that screams bold. Incorporate the straps into leather pants, mesh tee, and mens goth boots look. Also, find an affordable gothic belt bag to carry wherever you go and look stylish in. We have them in various tactical designs and decorated with cut-outs and studs. Whatever your preference, find an eye-catching belt to style your formal or casual looks. 

Your collection of men’s gothic belts will need a couple of housekeeping rules to keep them in pristine condition. A high-quality belt should last you a good couple of years if taken good care of and stored properly. It is advisable to hand your belt with a hanger instead of rolling it. This will let the leather rest and reduce creases. It is also important to avoid exposing the belt to direct sunlight as it will decolor and start to dry. Lastly, don’t overwear your new belt, try and alternate it with two to three other pieces to give it some time off between wears.

RebelsMarket is home to timeless gothic belts and buckles in different materials and a range of price points. So if you are looking to add a few accessories, you can find them at our shop. Find the right sash to finish off a dark look in our comprehensive collection of buckles and belts. Also, shop for other belt styles in our selection of punk belts and buckles designed in spikes and grommets. You can as well find the latest skull designs in our men’s metal-inspired belts. Discover a range of options when shopping for unique accessories at RebelsMarket. Get to enjoy 10% OFF your first order when you shop today. We offer worldwide shipping.      


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