Goth Wallets

Money, we all need it to survive, and we spend most of our time chasing it. When you finally have some, it needs an appropriate place to rest, and that’s why goth wallets are the key to having your money secured uniquely. Make a statement each time you pull out some cash or a credit card with RebelsMarket’s range of alternative wallets. You deserve an iconic accessory, and so does your money. 

A wallet is a significant investment to have because they offer a mix between accessibility and security. Add a fashion statement into the mix, and you will undoubtedly stand out from the crowd. The aesthetic brought by goth fashion raises the level of the statement, given its mystery and exotic nature. Explore an established style featuring some creative designs, from skull graphics to embellishments of animals in silver and gold. 

This selection of wallets is suited for all types of people, bar those who are not bold enough. Whether you are a man or a lady, there is a money and card case that suits you. The collection boasts of men’s gothic billfolds that will have you proud every time you pull it out. These items say a lot about a person. So why not say that you are a badass who has good taste? Our women’s goth wallets add a bit of chic to your wardrobe. Keep your essentials in a case that will hold their value given their high quality. 

It may seem that billfolds are becoming obsolete in today’s day and age, but they still have a place in your attire. This accessory has been used for some time now and is nowhere being done with. You’d be surprised by the number of people who still use their wallets on a day-to-day basis. Beyond that, they are still a necessary part of one’s wardrobe. There is hardly a better way for a lady to improve her women’s gothic fashion than with a stylish money case. There is also no reason for a man not to have a pouch that keeps his items safe while rocking our incredible collection of goth men’s clothing. 

Wallets have been around since the 17th century and came about after the invention of paper currency. Before then, people used coins that they carried in a pouch. Beyond money, they used to carry items such as dried meat and other treasures. Can you imagine carrying around beef jerky in your wallet? Centuries later, the credit card came along, which led to the innovation of the bi-fold design that allowed for multiple card slots such as those featured in our graphic wallets.

Innovation has also continued with creative designs such as those found at RebelsMarket. There are gothic leather billfolds in the shape of a coffin that ooze imagination. Hard enamel cases embellished with creatures such as mermaids and octopuses are also available. What makes them unique is that they add distinction, given the pleasing finish they come in. Incorporate gothic jewelry to go along with these pieces to take your look a notch higher. 

Having a goth money case is like walking with a memento to Halloween everywhere you go. The fascinating designs of ghosts and ghouls and safety mechanisms such as magnetic clasps and velcro ensure that your essentials are in a safe and stylish place. Moreover, there are pieces of different sizes to suit varying preferences. Small goth wallets are a personal favorite to those who don’t like carrying large accessories everywhere they go. 

One of the popular items is the goth clutch wallet, which is popular with the ladies. These pieces are slim enough for them not to be mistaken for purses but serve their purpose of adding a bit of chic to your look and keeping your items safe. Pastel goth wallets are another popular product to have with you, it features the dark elements of the style but with lighter colors, creating a fitting spectacle. 

Our gothic business card holders have intricate details that are diverse, attracting the right kind of attention. The quality and fascinating designs featured in our catalog are sure to hold their appeal over time, given their knockout effect. However, this doesn’t mean that these money cases are indestructible or immune to wear and tear. For more insight on the style, check out our blog on how to be a goth.

RebelsMarket has a goth wallet that keeps your money safe and stylish. Moreover, our cardholders are ready to be shipped to your location. Browse through our collection and add one or more wallets today at affordable prices. Enjoy 10% OFF when you shop with us for the first time. We ship worldwide!


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