Vintage Bags

Enjoy convenience and style of ages past with our vintage bags from RebelsMarket. When you need a way to keep your items secure for travel, physical activities, or keeping your essentials close, our retro-style bags are the way to go. The vintage fashion aesthetic gives these knapsacks a fascinating allure. Our rucksacks maintain the quality and great looks from past decades and incorporate modern craftsmanship to give you the ultimate accessory to put your belongings in. 

What makes a bag vintage is that it maintains the art and history of the pieces made from a decade or more ago. The fact that they have retained their relevance and distinction over time makes them a valuable find. That is not to say that up-to-the-minute items aren’t reliable pieces. For instance, there are trendy backpacks that feature contemporary aesthetics that are fantastic. However, for a more sophisticated and timeless accessory, vintage backpacks are your best bet. Get yours today from our extensive collection of retro accessories to save a bundle and still look great. 

Make a powerful fashion statement today with these retro backpacks. If you’re a guy who is looking to rock a complete ensemble from head to toe, then check out our catalog of men’s vintage clothing. The selection is stacked with epic threads from past eras, including the 50s, 70s, and 80s. If you are a lady looking to bring the groove back from days gone by, then the catalog of women’s vintage fashion has the outfit you’re looking for. These outfits will have you looking incredible with these retro-style backpacks. 

Factors to consider when buying Vintage bags 


Our retro backpacks feature an array of aesthetics from different eras and other styles with a nostalgic aspect. For instance, we have 70s backpacks that retain the laid-back patterns of the era, with staple colors such as tan, cream, and beige. This selection also boasts items with vibrant colors of the 80s that look incredible due to the fabrics. The graphics feature abstract color patterns with a few prints that are reminiscent of the funk era. Rock our graphic printed handbags that would look great when contrasted with urban accessories

One important aesthetic present in these items is rockabilly fashion. Rockabilly is a 50s genre and one of the first staples of rock and roll. The style features dark elements such as skulls and coffins in colorful patterns that are enchanting. The primary ambassador of this style is retro tote bags that would look great when worn with retro dresses

Another aesthetic combines creativity and designs from the past and will undoubtedly have you itching to get a piece of it. Steampunk fashion is a retro-futuristic science fiction genre that incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery. We feature cool steampunk bags in different shapes to get you a great look.


Our carriers are made with some of the finest materials to offer you value for your investment. The material utilized allows you to distinguish how durable and comfortable your backpack will be and acts as an indicator of dependability. This selection features a range of fabrics that you can choose from, including:

  • Leather: This material is well known for how dependable it is, given its toughness. The toughness allows it to be embellished with studs, rivets and shapes like skulls to give you a menacing and great-looking carrier. Leather also has a certain sheen to it that makes for an outstanding accessory. Our pieces come in black and brown, maintaining a distinctly retro vibe. Get your vintage leather backpack today that would go well with cool boots for men. The material has also been used in crafting several fabulous retro wallets dotted with occultic images, including ouija boards. Our designs for clutch wallets allow you to make a fashion statement while keeping your money and cards secure. Get your piece today to look for a timeless piece of fashion. 

  • Faux Leather: This is a more sustainable material as it maintains the strength and durability of leather and is artificial. The fabric has a beautiful finish to it and comes in various colors, such as white and black. What’s more, it also features prints to the side like trippy graphics that are captivating. The most notable item that vegan leather makes is purses and handbags. Enjoy these one-of-a-kind vintage handbags today to glam up your wardrobe. 

  • Polyester: This fabric is unique and reliable as it is comfortable and flexible at the same time. These attributes allow the items of different shapes and sizes to find space and still be secure. What’s more, is that they allow for antiquated prints like polka dots or simple mono-tone items. The most distinct carrier that this material makes is vintage messenger bags that sling over the shoulder and are dependable to keep your items secure. 

Exciting vintage bags you should get.

Several carriers are stylish enough to add distinction to your outfits and allow you to go about your day confidently. Our collection is stylish and adds a new dimension to every outfit you put on. Check these unique pieces out to get the backpack you deserve.

  • Waist Bag: This item is worn at the waist and is secured by a belt, making it snug and comfortable when you wear it. The space in these waist carriers is often larger than other forms of retro fanny packs allowing for more items to be placed inside them. Get the best out of your satchel carrier by complementing it with retro pants for women

  • Canvas bags: This staple is renowned for the fact that it can be sourced using recyclable material. Its convenience and simplicity make it one of the most distinct, and it is no wonder that many people enjoyed it for many years in the past. We have taken a creative route by adding impressive graphics, like roses and thorns, to make it even more fabulous.

  • Shoulder Bags: As the name suggests, these pieces are worn around the shoulder. What makes them worn on the shoulder could be the user’s choice depending on the design of the strap. These can range from rucksacks to fanny packs. The finish on these retro shoulder carriers makes it very striking and one that draws attention wherever you go. 

  •  Travel bag: We have several unique backpacks that are excellent for travel. It uses canvas material, making it protect the items inside from the rain and wear and tear. This characteristic makes it one of the most durable pieces around and a vital piece during travel. Get your retro travel carrier today to get the ultimate accessory during your journey. 

Browse our diverse collection of vintage bags and find a backpack that represents your inner misfit. These backpacks go well with a range of items in your alternative fashion wardrobe. Enjoy a stand-out experience while shopping at RebelsMarket today. Our range of carriers comes at affordable prices, ensuring that you can style yourself on a budget. Get 10% OFF your first buy. We ship worldwide.


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