Men’s Vintage Shoes

The secret to being a classy dresser is to make your feet the loudest part of your outfit. Add some jazz to your wardrobe with men’s vintage shoes made of high-quality leather and intricate patterns. Experience an antique touch to your retro outfit with affordable old-style men’s shoes that will give you a neat look. This footwear comes in various custom-made designs, worn by classic lovers, swing dancers, and style enthusiasts who would like to relive the era. This is an ideal pair for anyone looking for a style challenge and appreciates the timeless silhouette of throwback styles.

While people stick to the modern footwear, be the change and go for an elegant retro pair to give your attire a classic comeback. They have an alluring effect on anyone who wears them and gives you a befitting look that is much needed. Take a pick at our range of casual and formal old-style vintage shoes from RebelsMarket. We have a fresh selection of handmade pieces available for your perusal. Browse through for a timeless change in your men’s vintage style and try out a new pair today. Put your best foot forward and join in this ageless trend that is picking up by the day.

What is vintage footwear?

They refer to footwear styles that were worn decades ago. In early civilizations, sandals were the most common footwear; however, a few early cultures had more substantial footgear. As late as the 1850s, most shoes were constructed on straight lasts, which meant that the right and the left pair were pretty much the same. Lasts are foot-shaped forms on which footwear was constructed and repaired. Most men’s vintage-style shoes are inspired by designs made popular between the 40s and 70s. While classy footwear has the original design, retro-style recreates the original design that has already existed. 

You might have seen this pair on the red carpet, fashion runways, and streets. Many alternative lovers enjoy wearing retro footwear, and they are an easy way of adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit. Manufacturers across the globe are becoming more creative and coming up with footwear in different colors, designs, and patterns, from sneakers to dress shoes and cool boots for men. The options are now endless, and you can find an ideal gear that suits your style. 

What you need to know before purchasing vintage shoes

If you are wondering how to buy a sturdy pair, here are a few factors to consider. Some people talk about their quality and comfort level, while others say the style does it. With a huge fan base growing by the day, you need to know what to go for and what to add to your antique collection:

Quality- Buying a genuine leather pair requires thoughtful consideration and a keen eye for recognizing the quality of leather. Vintage handmade footwear is made of fine leather and is resistant. Shop for high-quality leather that will not split or crack in the long run.

Timelessness- You can never go wrong with a classic pair of custom old-style leather vintage shoes. They are made from naturally sourced materials like suede, genuine, and patent leather. A good pair can also withstand wear and tear, making it ageless and still wearable with time.

Money saver- If you are going to shop for high-quality footgear, you are not only choosing the best pair, but you are also saving money as it will last you a lifetime. A custom pair of men’s vintage dress shoes is durable and has a timeless style.

Detailed finish- Retro footgear is designed with professional craftsmanship. They use the best leather quality to give you the best results. The boots have perfect stitches with well-laid soles that are better compared to machine-made footwear.

Comfort- Nothing beats the level of comfort of custom footwear because they are perfect in size. Some are sturdy, while others are flexible, making them a worthy choice.

What vintage shoes are in style?

You can find a vast collection of retro vintage shoes at RebelsMarket that are of quality and style. Browse through our collection and discover the pieces we have to offer.

Might you be interested in a pair of men’s two-tone shoes? Our collection offers sturdy pairs like spectator footgear to take home with you. You can shop for footwear in different colors and designs, like two tones in brown leather and dark brown suede colors. Apart from that, purchase a pair of double-strap vintage monks in black and tweed grey that looks stylish with retro pants for men and a button-down shirt. How about a two-tone fringe pair in beautiful perforations and strap details. Find your ideal style when you shop with us today.

Fancy a pair of buckled handmade pieces to pair with formal wear? We have quite a variety of buckled pieces you might like, from slip-on to brogues. Style the classic brogue shoes with a black leather jacket, and your look will be complete. Other than buckles, you can also shop for zipped and lace-up retro footwear with defined perforations and unique stitches. Go for your favorite type of casual leather footwear suitable for casual wear, such as men’s vintage jeans and a graphic tee, and finish it off with a sleek coat for a semi-casual look.

We have a collection of men’s tuxedo footwear that is up to your alley. If you are looking for stylish formal footgear to rock to an evening ball or a black-tie event, we got you covered with several looks. Find various designs like vintage oxford shoes in pointed or round toes, coming in color combinations like brown, navy blue, or black. We also feature other patterns like perforated brogues and high-heeled footwear to wear with a fitting retro shirt and a pair of jacquard pants.

If you are on the lookout for something out of the norm, we have a variety of vintage wingtip shoes for you to spot. They are a member of the brogue family, with the tip of the footwear resembling the wings of a bird. Find a stylish pair of wingtips in lace-up designs, fancy tips, and brown and black shades. We also have them in big and small buckles that you can shop for, depending on your taste. Style your pair with a men’s retro t-shirt in simple graphics and washed jeans.

How to take care of your vintage footwear

Old-style footgear has components like rubber, glue, and leather that age differently than most garments do. Rubber can crumble, glue can lose adhesiveness, and leather can become dry and brittle. It is crucial to keep these in mind as you wear and take care of your shoes.

Keep them safe- Avoid throwing your vintage footwear in big bins with other shoes where they could get crushed or damaged. It is advisable to store them in racks where they won’t be squashed.

Be careful when cleaning- Be careful with the products you use as you clean your footwear. For leather and suede, use specialty leather cleaning products that won’t discolor or damage the pair. Most footwear can be wiped clean unless they are canvas or another porous material.

Keep them fresh- Shoes get odors, especially if you wear them without socks or tights. It is advisable to leave them to dry after wearing them to avoid the moisture turning into an odor.

We hope that we have given you a reason to purchase a new pair today. Our endless options will keep you satisfied, and you can now make your decision to buy the perfect footwear. Vintage shoes represent class and sophistication and will help leave a styling impression on every person you meet. So make your decision and go for elegance because it will be worth every penny! Discover a suitable pair and get 10% OFF your first purchase today. We ship worldwide.


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