Cap-Toe Dress Shoes

Men’s cap-toe dress shoes are not identified by the material used in its construction, but by the horizontal stitching found across the toe box. The stitching  extends to the welt, on both sides of the shoe, forming a "cap." Just like broguing, cap toes are used to add aesthetic elements and do not serve any structural purpose. It is a feature that can be found in any shoe, including loafers, Derbys, monk straps, and even boots.

Where Did the Dress Shoes Come From?

While little research has been conducted regarding their history, we have reason to believe that they were first found on oxford shoes. The popular dress shoes were first seen at Oxford University in the early 1800s. They were, however, referred to as “Oxonians." In the mid-17th century, students started wearing them to rebel against the regular knee-high boots that were compulsory footwear.

Unlike the knee-high boots, Oxonians were characterized by tiny slits on either side of the shoe. The slits, therefore, made it easier for the students to wear. Over the years, the Oxonian shoe saw many changes, from the lowering of the shoes’ height to the addition of laces. 

Have you ever come across toe caps with some pieces of leather sewn on the toe box? Well, it is assumed that the pieces were added not only to help reinforce the toe box but to also draw more attention to the shoe.

Characteristics of Cap-Toe Shoes

The three features below mainly revolve around the men’s cap-toe oxford dress shoes.

(1). Color

They come in a wide range of colors, like black, brown, and tan.

Styling Tips According to Color

  • Men’s Brown Cap-Toe Shoes

Men’s brown cap-toe oxford shoes made of genuine leather are the perfect choice for pairing with dark-brown, grey or navy suits.

  •  Men’s Black Cap-Toe Oxford Dress Shoes

Black is considered the most appropriate color for business. Besides, black shoes can also be worn in different environments, from the office and black-tie events to weddings and sometimes funerals.

  • Tan-Colored Cap-Toe Shoes 

Tan has become a popular color for footwear. With tan coming in light and dark tones, the color is quite easy to pull off as it pairs well with just about anything. Are you prepping for a less formal occasion? Then match your tan oxford dress shoes with a pair of tailored navy pants or denim trousers.

(2):  Materials

Cap-toe dress shoes are made of different materials such as suede, calfskin, and high-quality leather. Depending on the time of the year, you can decide on the following styles and colors;

  •   Summer- White quarter brogue shoes for men.

  •   Winter-Chocolate colored or black.

  •  Fall-  Burgundy or tobacco.

  •  Spring- Light-colored double monk straps made from suede or high-quality leather.

(3): Shoelaces

When it comes to men’s dress shoes, you can’t just opt for any shoelace. They require very-high quality laces made explicitly from waxed cotton. Keep in mind that the standard shoelace length is 31.5 inches. This size can comfortably fit any dress shoe with two to six rows of eyelets.

For men’s oxford shoes, the most formal option for a shoelace is one that is round with thin laces of waxed cotton. If you don’t want laces that easily snap away, then I’d recommend going for thinner laces. 

Basic Cap-Toe Styling Tips

The beauty of cap-toe shoes is that they’re bound to look great when either dressed up or down. 

  • Want to keep warm and still stand out? Pair your colored chinos with a white t-shirt. Don’t forget to take your black slim-fitted coat with you.

  • Take your pair of men’s moccasins in black leather, wear your favorite pair of fitting skinny jeans, throw on your short-sleeved t-shirt, and get ready to head out.

  • You can also decide to pair your Derbys with a print t-shirt and black pants. If you want to keep warm while still maintaining your style, then going for a leather sleeved jacket would be a good idea.

  •  If you want to go for a more casual look, then a pair of men’s brown  Oxford shoes from RebelsMarket, paired with blue jeans would work just fine. You can choose to make your outfit pop by throwing on a grey tee and a colored coat.

  • Looking classy doesn't mean that you always have to wear black shoes. If you opt for a brown suit, for instance, a pair of tan-colored leather oxfords will still work perfectly.

  • If you are looking to achieve formality, then consider pairing your double monk straps or blue loafers with denim or chinos of neutral colors. You can also choose to match them with cotton suits of medium to light shades.

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