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Pleated Skirts

Pleating or rather plisse is the fine art of treating fabric to give it symmetrical stripes or a permanent puckered and crinkled pattern. Pleats are considered a voguish style and are a smart way to add flair to your fashion sense. 

Factors to consider when shopping for pleated skirts online


A pleated skirt should fit your waist correctly without it falling or hanging loosely on you. It shouldn't form layers and bumps either. For a petite body, a mini skirt would do well instead of a midi round skirt that would be best suited for a curvaceous person. Know your measurements and pick a skirt that will accentuate your curves.


Many fabrics can make a cloth. Not all of them, however, can make a good pleated skirt. Knowing the material will enable you to know whether the pleats would hold or if, with time, they will disappear. Here are the top three fabrics that would make for an excellent pleated skirt.

 Cotton; this fabric is made from natural fibers of cotton plants, which makes them soft and fluffy. Their fluffy nature helps bring out the pleats in a skirt. Cotton fabric is comfortable and easy to clean.

 Wool; is another good material for pleats. They are resistant to wrinkles and soiling, therefore able to retain the pleats even after several washes. Wool is a warm fabric that will also keep you warm even in cold weather. It is also resistant to wear and tear. 

 Twill; If you want a studier material, then I’d recommend going for twill as it makes a good fabric for pleats. Like wool, it's durable and resistant to wrinkles and creases.

Pleated skirt options to go for when shopping online


Are you looking for a new, conservative, yet elegant skirt? Then midis are the best choice for you. Their length makes them ideal for a traditional look. Pick one that is made from a lightweight material like chiffon, georgette, or cotton fabric. Go for a black midi skirt and a red off-shoulder top or a plain top to give it a casual trendy look. Add a black leather jacket and some unique women's boots to accentuate the look. Accessorize with a gothic choker before heading out for a date. 


These skirts are a perfect choice for an edgy look. They are much longer than the midi skirt but still provide the same level of flair. If you are looking for a perfect fairy tale princess look, this would be the ideal choice. High-waisted skirts are flawless to bring out the creases. Since they are long skirts, go for lightweight materials if you want to move around with ease. Wear them with a long- sleeve blouse to complement your fairy tale look. Garnish with a classy stiletto shoe to match the outfit and small chic earrings. Don't forget to carry your clutch. 


Mini skirts are the trendiest in today's modern world. Most of them are high-waisted skirts, so they are guaranteed to heighten the body's figure. You can pick a plain or a plaid mini skirt. Chequered mini and leather skirts are stylish and can blend well with almost any alternative style. You can wear them with a blouse or a t-shirt. Add a chequered blazer or jacket to boost your confidence. If you opted for the leather skirt, then pick a pair of leather boots. If you opted for the chequered one, then a matching suede boot will do just fine. To add funk to your style, pick knee-high boots. Pair with a cool leather unique backpack and throw in some contemporary ornaments if you want your inner punk to stand out. 

 Black pleated skirt

Are you looking to add flare to your style? Then a black pleated skater would be the absolute choice. Pair with a red chequered dress shirt or a short-sleeved shirt. Choose a denim coat for a downright laid-back look. Pick ankle-size boots, preferably black, to provide context to the skirt. Undo one or two buttons on the shirt, and you can accessorize it with a customized necklace. Match it with pearl earrings, and you are done. 

Whichever style you pick, I guarantee you will stun it. Don't forget to have fun as you try out different skirts to fit your preferences. Are you having trouble finding the best place to shop for cute pleated skirts? If you are, then worry no more because RebelsMarket has you covered. We offer an extensive collection of skirts to choose from at affordable prices. Shop with us and get 10% OFF your first purchase.