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Are you looking for cool bracelets to bring your outfit to life or unique designs to complement your boho wardrobe? Or maybe you’re after a stunning silver or charm bracelet to give to your loved one as a thoughtful gift.

Look no further; you can find a great selection for both men and women on RebelsMarket. We stock unique and cute gold pieces, silver bangles, leather cuffs, stainless steel jewelry, and much more! Browse through hundreds of alternative jewelry retailers, all in one place. We also handpick all of our staples from the very best alternative fashion designers and sellers on the web.

So when we say we’ve got unique, bracelets for both men and women – we mean it. What’s more, we offer items at different price points, so it doesn't matter whether you're willing to splash out or are on a tight budget. You can still find cool pieces like earrings, necklaces, rings, and body jewelry to add a finishing touch to your wardrobe.

Whether you’re after cool leather cuff bracelets or studded ones to complement your streetwear, skull bracelets to add some detailing to your outfit or even steampunk-inspired pieces to make your Victorian outfits pop – we’ve got a huge variety to choose from.

How to Choose

Choosing the perfect bracelet to complement an outfit doesn't need to be tricky. There are a few things you need to consider when picking the right one for yourself, or if you are buying it as a gift.

What is your style?

Decide on the style of bracelet you like the best. Do you like the idea of a simple, slip-on such as an elasticated bangle that’s perfect for street fashion? Are you drawn to the glitz of gold and silver glitters, perfect for everyday wear, that seamlessly pair with glamorous evening dresses?  Maybe you want to add a bit of interest to your look with a rustic, handmade piece? These are all things you should consider.  All these options depend on the look you want to achieve and the occasion you are preparing for.

If you’re after a unique piece for everyday wear, you might want to go for something versatile and can work with multiple outfits. A simple leather cuff or a silver-toned Pandora style charm bracelet would pair well with such outfits.

If you want to add a little edge to your outfit or complement your goth outfit, opt for a pair of black cuffs with studs or skull designs that will add some extra detail to your look. Black or stainless steel works well with gothic looks and pairing well with trend fashion items (because let's face it, black never goes out of fashion).

What Size Should you go for?

Once you have decided on the type and style you are after, it's essential to make sure you buy in the right size. Measure around your wrist with a flexible tape measure, and then add on between one and a half an inch. This ensures your new bracelet will fit snugly, but without being too tight. If you want one that you can wear in the shower, go for the ones made from stainless steel or waxed cotton.

How to Wear a Bracelet without Looking like you are Trying Too Much

For a care-free look, I'd recommend going for multiple pieces. The easiest way to hack this look is to start with four to five pieces with a common theme. You can also stack the ones with different materials, like beads and leather.

If you always go to the gym regularly, I'd suggest wearing beaded wrist pieces with elastic band as opposed to materials like leather. This is because elastic bands never absorb sweat. This will also ensure that your wrist piece stays intact during your workout.

For a simple look, go for one or two pieces and wear with a plaid shirt. You can decide to wear them on the same wrist or on opposite sides. Pair with your chukka or handmade men’s Jodhpur boots, and you'll be good to go.

To create a watch and bracelet combo, go for thinner pieces that sit comfortably below your watch just a bit closer to your wrist. This works great with wrist pieces that don't have too much contrast. If this style is not your preference, you can also choose to wear your watch and bracelet on opposite sides-its all up to you.

How to Clean

Before cleaning, you need to be sure of the material with which your bracelet is crafted from. Beaded or leather pieces, for instance, can be cleaned by simply patting with a wet piece of cloth. You can also dip it in clean water. Don't forget to wipe it gently with a dry piece of cloth. For water-resistant and stainless steel bracelets, wash in warm soapy water then dry it completely.

Now that you know how to style and to take care of your bracelet,  the next step is to acquire one. Check out our selection of cool bracelets on RebelsMarket and take a look at other items on sale. That way, you can start to build up your collection of accessories that will complement one another.