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Men's Hoodies & Sweatshirts

Looking crisp, cool, and suave doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the comfort. In fact, cool hoodies for men are the perfect solution for looking stylish and effortless at the same time. For those lazy days when you still want to look awesome, check out our selection of unique sweatshirts and awesome men’s hoodies. Ditch the boring stores at the mall and shop RebelsMarket sweaters and stylish hoodies with fresh, individual styles from the most unique brands on the web.

Choose from a variety of prints and patterns; skull print cool sweaters, edgy punk-rock hoodies, and big, bold graphics, there’s something to suit every occasion and every style. Whether you’re after a casual printed hoodie, or you want to go bold with an Assassins Creed inspired pullover, we have awesome outerwear for anyone who wants to rock cool sweatshirts and really stand out from the crowd. Pair any of our cool hoodies with black boots and you'll have your look completed.

Hoodies in Fashion

If you think hoodies have been around forever, you’re right. Hooded garments have been part of human fashion since at least Medieval times including hooded capes that were popular in 12th century Normandy. The first hooded sweatshirt first came about in the 1930s when Champion manufactured hoods onto sweaters to keep workers in New York warm in the cooler months. These sweaters were soon issued to the military and used in physical education classes.

Hoodies for men reached icon status in the 1970s and the Rocky movies. Soon after this time, hoodies became know for more than just athletic wear. Hip hop fashion for men in New York City embraced the hooded sweatshirt look and soon hoodies were seen on urban fashion catwalks.

The term “Hoodie” was coined in the 1990s and has stuck with us ever since. The style aesthetic was particularly popularized for the common people through grunge fashion which rebels against the mainstream. In Seattle, big knits became a popular fashion choice in the grunge world that focused on removable layers like hoodies and oversized sweatshirts. Eddie Vedder and Kurt Cobain made this oversized sweater style popular and made it more acceptable to claim hoodies as punk and grunge fashion.

People wear hoodies all over the world and are used to make bold fashion statements. Hoodies don’t have to be bulky and sweat inducing as they are traditionally thought of. RebelsMarket offers dozens of fashionable hoodies for men that are cool, comfortable, and in style, so you can look your best even when you’re cold or trying to be comfortable.

Hoodies are also popular with skater fashion and punk rock style. Cool hoodies are one of the only fashion staples that transcend labels and is embraced by mainstream and counterculture.

How to Style Men's Hoodies

As the colder months draw in you might be looking for zip-up hoodies in different styles and colors to up your layering game and keep your look fresh and stylish. Unique sweatshirts and printed hoodies are great for the fall and winter months, allowing you to keep warm while looking cool.

Look no further than RebelsMarket for your fall and winter wardrobe needs. We have cool sweatshirts and awesome hoodies for men in different styles, prints, fabrics, and colors – to suit pretty much every occasion. And you can rest assured that you won’t find any of these trends in regular stores. We have awesome hoodies from hand selected retailers and designers from all over the world – so when we say unique hoodies and sweaters – we mean it.

Our cool hoodies for men stand out no matter the season, but you might be wondering how to wear cool sweatshirts and unique hoodies depending on the occasion. After all, awesome hoodies aren’t just for the gym, or for lounging about the house on a lazy Sunday afternoon. You can up your weekend-casual game and wear edgy hoodies and printed jumpers for comfort, while still making a statement.

Pair a quirky, cool printed sweatshirt with skinny jeans and a pair of plimsolls or sneakers for a preppy hipster vibe. Or if you’re looking for a more street fashion inspired look, then opt for dark colors and gothic and punk-inspired styles.

Zip-up hoodies with silver accents are great for giving a slight edge to your look, as is pairing your cool sweatshirts with a pair of distressed jeans and worker boots. Pair a black or gray pullover hoodie with a leather jacket for a sleek, punky look. Throw on a pair of dark wash biker jeans and black combat boots to complete your outfit.

If you’re really looking to go casual, you can also opt for short-sleeved hoodies for an even more dressed-down look, paired with some cargo pants or shorts. You can even live out your video gaming fantasy’s and feel like a badass yourself when you check out our Assassin Creed Hoodies for men. There are also hoodies inspired by comic book characters and hoodies with outrageous sayings that reflect the darkest parts of your psyche.

Hoodies can be worn with any kind of pants including leather pants, shorts for men, denim jeans, and the classic joggers for men. If you are feeling super adventurous you can even pair an awesome men’s hoodie with a kilt! Don’t be afraid to wear awesome hoodies with animals on them such as unicorns, horses, lions, and even cats. If you want to rebel against the mainstream, you can wear occult inspired hoodies that are dark but there are also humorous hoodies for men and stylish sweaters you can wear to work.

If you want a less bulky hoodie for men you need to try slim fit hoodies. These hoodies are perfect for activewear or when the weather is just a bit chilly. Slim fit hoodies are more conforming to the body and allow room for a winter coat or your favorite gothic outerwear to be worn in the coldest months of the year. You can also try out a hooded cape or cardigan for an edgy look that will make you stand out in the crowd. Throw on a sleek bomber jacket over your hoodie, preferably in a military green or shade of black, for a cool, relaxed, and easy look that doesn’t sacrifice comfort for style if you want a hip hop vibe.

What you wear underneath your stylish men’s hoodie is completely up to you! No one is going to see what’s underneath unless you take off your hoodie, but we recommend something thin, like a cool t-shirt or tank top. Band T-shirts are always a comfortable option and any goth kid should have dozens of those in their closet.

There isn’t much to accessorizing your hoodies either. Men’s hoodies are best paired with a simple base ball cap, beanie, or stocking cap. You can always wear sunglasses that match your style, and your favorite watch, but anything more than that really isn’t necessary. You won’t be able to see most of the accessories anyways if you are wearing a traditional hoodie with long sleeves. You can add pins and patches to your hoodies if you want to

The RebelsMarket collection of cool hoodies for men is so diverse that there is literally something for everyone. Bright printed sweatshirts or plain colored (but still edgy) hoodies designed with sheer coziness in mind; whatever your preference you’re sure to find cool hoodies and outerwear to suit any style, no matter the occasion. The best part about styling your hoodies with RebelsMarket is that we offer dozens of different hoodies for men at low prices that you can afford. We all know that your girls are notorious for stealing hoodies, so you are going to want several hoodies and pullover sweaters to choose from on any given day.

Where to Shop Cool Hoodies

If you want cool hoodies for men at even cooler prices, then we definitely have you covered. We offer a huge selection of men’s badass hoodies and cool sweatshirts available in various styles. Edgy hoodies for fans of alternative fashion, gothic hoodies to show your dark side, and even street-style sweatshirts for when you want to make a statement – RebelsMarket has it all.

We take all of the hard work out of shopping for cool hoodies and unique sweatshirt designs by bringing you the freshest looks in alternative fashion from all over the world. All our collections are hand-selected from exclusive online designers, so you can feel confident that you’re shopping the most cutting-edge trends.

And what’s more, our collections are diverse enough to suit any budget; stunning higher-end cool alternative sweaters to more affordable outerwear. RebelsMarket offers awesome outerwear and cool hoodies for men, at every price point. Shop our cool hoodies and sweatshirts selection today and receive 10% off your first order!