Swim Trunks & Shorts

Long summer days are all about adventure, fun, and travel. Looking to upgrade your swimming suit for this summer? Get those jaws dropping by grabbing yourself one (or two) cool swim trunks for men and pair them with your round flap sunglasses. Shop by body type, style, and size for just the perfect beach cover-up.

While some men might find it simple to create the ideal look for the beach every summer, others find it tasking to choose the perfect swimwear size, material, and color to suit their body type. Are you looking for tips to upgrade your beach game? Then you are on the right page.

Just how active do you plan on being with your swimwear?

If you are not so much into recreational activities, consider going for unique men's swim trunks that are a bit chilled with minimal technical requirements. The pair doesn't necessarily have to be tailor-fit. You can opt for cool swim trunks for men that have a loose cut with varying lengths. However, if your activities in the water are intense, then a tighter fit is preferable.

Do you intend to create the best visual impression?

If that is the case, then you'd better think of the people you'll be hanging around in your bathing trunk. If you are trying to look more professional in front of your workmates, then consider going for a more conserved piece with solid colors. If you are so much into stripes, then a swim trunk with restrained lines will be a perfect choice.

For family vacations, picking a swimsuit is quite simple as you don't have to be too stylish. For a beach party, however, you have to be a bit selective. Crowd scenes demand a touch of style, therefore getting your hands on a piece (or two) of some badass swim trunks for men from RebelsMarket is the way to go. Go for amazing pieces and color patterns like a lace-up swimming trunk or a double colored printed swimsuit that will flatter your body.

Swimsuits Vs. Body Type

Looking for the best swimwear to fit your body type and personality? Whatever your body size may be, RebelsMarket is here to help you make the best choice in terms of beachwear, so let's browse through our options.

Best Swim Trunks for Tall Men

When it comes to swimwear, tall men find it easier to look attractive because of their long legs and toned upper body. Tall men, therefore, have an array of badass swim trunks, such as printed patterns to choose from. However, tall guys should always shop for swimwear that does not go beyond the knee. Try swim trunks of a shorter length, pair them with sunglasses, and get ready to hit the beach.

Best Swim Trunks for Shy Guys

When it comes to determining the length of swimwear, always use the length of your legs as your size guide. The shorter the legs, the shorter the trunks should be.

If you are a shy guy, then you might want to go for a pair of swim trunks that are not too shouting. You don't want to demand a lot of attention from onlookers, do you? Opt for pale colors of cool swim trunks for men such as navy blue that will go well with your personality, rather than body type.

Best Swimsuits for Short Guys

If you are of short stature, then you might want to go for shorter trunks. Why? Shorter swimwears tend to create the illusion that your legs are a bit longer. When it comes to choosing a color, always have your skin tone in mind. If you have pale skin, for instance, I'd recommend going for a pair of men's swimwear with darker shades of color such as grey or blue.

Best Bathing Suit for Dad Bods

If you don't have a toned torso or even six-pack abs, that doesn't mean that you should never unpack your swimsuit and dive into the water. Your body size should never stop you from having a good time on the sandy beaches with friends and family.

Mid-thigh-high swim trunks that are flexible and boxy paired with a floppy sun hat will get you looking ultra-cool. The best part about having a dad bod is that you get the option of getting trunks that are below the knees. Bathing suits that are slightly longer are always the best as they create more balance between your legs and torso.

Best Swimsuits for Loud Guys

RebelsMarket offers a range of colors and patterns that go hand in hand with loud personalities. If you are looking to draw a lot of attention to yourself, then going for a trunk with eye-catching colors such as red, pink, and purple would be the best choice.

Best Bathing Costumes for Bigger Guys

With RebelsMarket offering swimsuits in different sizes, including plus size, bulky muscle men have a lot to choose from. Guys with bigger bodies should go for vertically striped bathing costumes with oriented patterns that tend to complement their bodies more.

Try pairing your flat front trunks with a cotton cover sun hat and see how comfortable you'll feel when playing beach volleyball.

Best Bathing Suits for Skinny Guys

Having a problem with the width of your trunks? RebelsMarket has a variety of fitted trunks perfect for skinny guys. You don't have to keep on worrying about ruining your summer look with an oversized pair of trunks. Scroll through our page to get the perfect trunk size that will fit you at an affordable price.

With amazing tips on factors to consider when getting cool swim trunks for men, deciding on the perfect summer wear that will suit your body is made easier. Grab yourself a pair of unique swimming trunks now from RebelsMarket and get the chance to enjoy incredible discounts with free shipping. Not sure about your trunk size? Feel free to contact us.