Men's Alternative Clothing

The best men’s clothing comes in many cuts and designs, including shirts, t-shirts, tops, trousers, and many different styles of athletic underwear and sexy men's coats, just to name a few. Our extensive collection of men's clothing is the best you'll find and a much wider selection than you'll find in any department store. If you want to find unique, edgy, and different fashion for men? Then RebelsMarket is the place where you should shop. We have a wide range of men’s alternative fashion. Men’s fashion has changed over the years. From waistcoats and top hats to cool shirts and cool beanies. From awesome t-shirts to sexy mens underwear, they are all here. You will be spoilt for choice with the assortment of items we have available. Shop today and have these unique items delivered to you.

Modern-day men’s fashion is currently experiencing a revival of alternative fashion and with elements going all the way back to the 50s era, these wonderfully edgy menswear styles are some great examples of how these eclectic cultures are being incorporated into modern-day men’s fashion.

Types of Men Fashion

There are basically 5 different categories of men fashion;

Formal occasions: Whether attending a wedding or presenting at a business dinner, you need to have amazing formalwear in your closet. In the winter, woolen fabrics of coats and jackets are perfect. Wearing a button-down shirt will send out the message that you mean business. If you need formalwear appropriate for the summer, clothing made of linen will keep you cool in the hot weather. Don’t forget to accessorize with cool cufflinks, vests, and ties to complete your ensemble. 

Business wear: If you work in an office that requires dressy clothes, you'll need plenty of men's dress shirts, ties, and dress pants to look professional five days a week. For an especially formal office, you'll want two or three men's suits you can wear on different days at work; you can also wear the slacks or jackets of suits. Buy a few solid-colored men's dress shirts, especially white shirts that will be complemented by your unique ties. For a more casual day at work, choose shirts made of flannel or twill weave napped for softness; cotton flannel makes sturdy dress shirts and wool flannel is great for business suits. Men's pants made of khaki are also appropriate for casual workdays. Don't forget ties made of silk, a fine natural fabric known for its luster, warmth, and durability.

Casual wear: Jeans are the ultimate laid-back look good enough for lounging at home but still look great for a dinner out with your family and friends. Stock up on cool graphic t-shirts and shirts including polo shirts, crewnecks, button-ups, and printed t-shirts to wear on the weekends or on vacation. 

Athletic Wear: When working out you need comfortable wear. Get some durable sweat pants or nylon athletic pants with Spandex, a synthetic fiber with an elastic quality, for jogging or playing sports, and some shirts that will wick away moisture if you'll be engaging in high-cardio exercise. A jacket made of fleece or cotton, a natural fiber used for all types of men's clothing, will complement men's fitness clothing as you work out. Be sure to also purchase men's swimwear when you shop for athletic clothing; this will be especially important if you're planning a family vacation somewhere warm.

Outerwear: Keep warm up with stylish men's coats. Different materials like wool, which includes alpaca, angora, camel hair, cashmere and mohair fibers, or down-filled coats, are appropriate for especially cold winters, but you may be able to wear men's jackets during this season, depending on where you live. A men's leather jacket can keep you warm in chilly weather, too, and is a durable, classic men's outerwear choice. Keep your wardrobe in mind when buying men's coats. Going to work, invest in a pea coat or heavy trench coat you can wear over your suit. Stylish men's jackets will work with jeans, slacks, and other casual clothing.

These inspired cool designs among others can be seen everywhere from on the catwalk to feature editorials, and their nostalgic designs add a hint of sophistication and elegance to modern-day menswear clothing. These cool styles include the use of everything from dapper suits and hats to plaid jackets and slick hairstyles, and the use of these traditionally worn ensembles is an inventive way to pay tribute to the styles of the past. Steampunk men’s looks are making their way on various catwalks. Goth-inspired men’s clothing and other apparel are also joining mainstream fashion. It is important to avoid clothes that are too big for your frame. Overly loose or too baggy clothes are not flattering, no matter what your body type.

How To Dress For Your Body Type

Follow these rules for dressing your body type;

Slim body: A good fit will just skim your body, allowing for movement while highlighting your slim physique. Look for slim fit-in shirts, sweaters, blazers, and coats. When it comes to dressing shirts, go for a spread collar which gives the illusion of wider shoulders and draws the eye horizontal instead of vertical. Bold patterns or a lot of contrast will also add visual weight to your upper body. Straight-leg pants and jeans are also flattering.

Heavyset body: A monochromatic look from head to toe will slim you down & make you appear taller. Stick with vertical stripes and small prints/patterns, as larger ones will make you look bigger. Look for dress shirts with a standard or narrow point collar. In blazers and jackets, opt for more structured shoulders, as it draws the eye upward and balances out a heavy middle. For pants, avoid pleated trousers but go for a straight, relaxed fit in pants. If you are short, make sure you find a tailor you trust to hem your pants for a proper length.

Muscular body: Choose tops/jackets with wide shoulders but a slim fit at the waist. Depending on how wide your shoulders are, the best-case scenario might be for you to choose a regular/classic-fit and have your tailor take in the waist. On dress shirts, a standard point collar will draw the eye vertically and small-medium-sized patterns will flatter your athletic build. For pants, choose straight-leg pants as they will keep you streamlined and balance out your broad shoulders.

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