Charles King Paris

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Charles King Paris is Refinement, Luxury and Passion.

The artistic fusion of the creations of Charles King Paris is inspired by elements of sculpture, old engravings, paintings, architecture… coming from the French Royal Dynasties, the Baroque Style, the Antique Chinese and Japanese Art, the Roman and Greek Civilization, combined with elements of the Glam Rock Culture.

Each piece is an original artistic product of a great creativity with a strong identity.

The materials of premium quality are carefully selected (cotton, silk, satin, velvet, jersey, duffel, jeans, accessories, inks, embroideries, stones and metal inserts, etc…) from the best European providers and are combined with a high precision craftsmanship.

The realization of the garments is based on a mix of very sophisticated technologies, fusion of techniques and materials with combination and superposition of ornaments, to give like result: exclusive clothes of high quality and Limited Edition.