Punk Rock Jeans

Since the era of young punk bands and emo teens, punk jeans have grown to be much more friendly and accommodating to the general male wardrobe. Beyond the polo shirts, white sneakers, and power suits, punk rock fashion is a trendy style that is sweeping the youth culture, is bolder, and speaks to a niche with a different set of values than what was presented in the mainstream. While we think of buckles and chains in men’s rock jeans as a relatively new invention, these types of trends have been in existence for decades. The edgy punk style jeans have been fully retained, while its acceptance as go-to menswear continues to grow. Before shopping for your jeans at RebelsMarket, consider these factors to help you get the perfect pair of punk jeans.

Tips to look out for when buying rock jeans online

Consider your body type

It’s amazing what the right-fitting pair of jeans can do to a man’s look. Go for the perfect size for your body shape with these pointers:

Athletic build- For a person who practically lives in the gym, you’ll want a pair of jeans that complement your athletic build. Instead of going for oversized jeans, go for a straight-leg pair to bring about a streamlined look. Some added stretch is also a good idea for showing off definition and allows for comfortable movement. 

Slim built-Not sure how to dress this body type? For starters, always opt for tailored jeans with just enough length, rather than relaxed ones that are too long. You can also go for slim and straight-fit styles that work best for smaller builds.

Average build- Vamp up your style and embrace slim by going for a low rise or tapered pants. Be mindful of trying relaxed-fit jeans because they can overwhelm your bottom half, especially when paired with a stylish shirts for men.

Husky build- For a husky build, opt for a classic fit in an updated sleek cut to balance you out. The buttons and fastenings on your jeans should be clean and streamlined to avoid extra bulk. The key is to even out your proportions and draw attention to the top half of the body.  

Types of punk rock jeans to buy today

Now that you know how to pick the right pair of edgy jeans according to your body type, here are some jeans options to shop for today. 

Jeans with chains- A regular feature of punk fashion is the chains in jeans. Chains are a cool way of adding some punk to your jeans and enhancing the overall look. Pair your chained jeans with cool boots for men, a tee, and an alt jacket to achieve a  cool punk look.

Plaid- Plaid pants are also a common style in punk rock. You can pair your plaid pants with a flannel shirt, which is a very versatile piece. Go for red and black plaid or black and white plaid color combinations.  You can also go for neutral-colored shirts with a collar for a more put-together day look.

Ripped- Another fashion choice you can go for is ripped jeans as they can pair well with a black printed tee and boots.

Jeans with safety pins- Safety pins are a basic household item that can add an extra look to your pants. For a look that instantly screams bold and rebellious, attach three or more pins to your pants, and pair it with a leather jacket.

Patched- Create your next outfit with patched jeans for men. Add character to your look with patched tears, frayed hems, and repaired tears. Punk patch jeans designs look good even when paired with a basic tee or a  colored graphic tee.  

Buckled- Much like vintage patches, buttons, and safety pins, buckles are another way of adding an edge to your outfit. The only limit to the implementation of buckles is creativity. If you’re dressing in a punk style, you’re probably already creative. Go for buckled pants that suit your preference and show off your creativity.

You can now shop for your ideal rock jeans to suit your style and preference with the few pointers. RebelsMarket has you covered on whichever pants you plan on buying. You can shop for a wide variety of punk rock clothing at low prices. Don't be left out! Shop today to enjoy 10% OFF your first order.

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