Punk Rock Rings

Rock rings never go out of style but come in many variations to suit different outfits in your closet. Punk rock fashion is all about freestyle or an unmatched rebellious style that is personal and elegant. Because it embraces non-conformity, there’s plenty of room for self-expression in a punk wardrobe. From snakehead rings to skull heads rings, you're sure to find some finger bling to suit your taste and budget. Rebels Market provides these exclusive pieces for you to enjoy and stay blinged with. Browse here and find the ring that will suit you best. 

Rather than opting for a conventional plain ring band with a gemstone on top, why not choose something a little more personal and fun?

Buying Tips

While most people may concentrate on the four cs( clarity, color, carat, and cut) when buying a ring, here are other important factors worth considering. 

Style – Where does your signature style gravitate towards? Is it inclined to gold or silver? Would you rather go for vintage pieces as opposed to modern and simple pieces? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself before taking a ring home.

Size – Size is a significant factor to also consider before buying a ring. You don't want to keep on losing your ring now and then.

Metal – If you want to go for a metal ring, there are a variety of options, including gold, palladium, and platinum. If you want something long-lasting, I'd recommend going for platinum as it is not only durable but pure also. Its purity, therefore, makes it a better option for individuals with sensitive skin. If you can't decide between gold and platinum, I'd suggest going for palladium, which is a combination of the two metals. For gold, you get to choose between colors such as yellow, green, rose, or even white.

Budget – Who said that you have to go into major debt to buy the best ring? Depending on your budget, you should be able to comfortably buy a ring without straining your pocket. However, don't forget the mantra, “ cheap is expensive'', so invest in affordable, high-quality pieces.

No matter your personality type, there is a ring out there suited for readers, environmentalists, animal-lovers, punk-fanatics, and even neurotic cheat-worriers. Whether you purchase a unique piece as your actual wedding ring or as an additional finger accessory, these quirky finger blings are sure to add a personal touch to any look. Redirect all thoughts regarding your hands and nails by rocking a badass ring with extraordinary gimmicks. With the right attitude, your mentality and style will be boosted by the sort of jewelry you choose to wear. Unleash your inner darkness in a playful and charming way, with our cool rings.
Remember, neutral colors like silver, gold, and other metal tones go well with any style attire. If you feel like you need a gradual push into the world of accessorizing, this is a great place to start. You can feel confident in adding a high-quality ring to your wardrobe and pair it with a punk necklace for just a touch of more style.  

 Go punk with wicked rings to flaunt your style subtly and elegantly while showing off your wild side. Who says bad can’t look good? Black skull and eye rings are all the rage right now. Not only do they have a deep dark color, but also have bewitching prints and designs that are sensationally breathtaking. When you want to nail a celebrity punk rock look, start with jewelry that will accentuate your looks even with simple outfits. For a classic look, go traditional with a skull ring and pair it with a black leather jacket, black tee, and skinny jeans. Plunge into sexy girlie looks by slipping on an oversized hoodie, with a mini skirt paired with wicked boots. Deck out your hands in wild geometric designs and creepy anatomical styling and have a little fashion fun. Sure to turn more than a few heads, all eyes will be on your fashionista hands sporting enough hardware to make a gear head jealous.

It is not a surprise that accessorizing can be challenging at first, especially if you are a man who typically grabs your clothes and gets on with your day. However, you can always elevate your look using accessories like belts, shoes, hats, and cool rings. For men, this might not seem like an important step, but even men can add an extra touch to their outfit for a special occasion.

However, if you are already well versed in creating a balanced look, try adding a splash of color with gemstone rings that play exceptionally well with gothic or steampunk costume fashion statements. Each piece of jewelry is excellent for adding a bit of excitement in your everyday attire. Shop one or two pairs of punk rings from RebelsMarket and get the chance to enjoy 10% off your first order plus free shipping!


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